The reality of racial fear

This Tuesday, one of the more important US House races is our district.  The District runs from South Park Mall, most of South Charlotte and Matthews, then all of the lightly populated counties that border with South Carolina, over to Fayetteville (Home of Fort Bragg).

In the primary, our district ousted the Republican incumbent in favor of the candidate backed by the rural counties – Charlotte minister Mark Harris.  Those voters are Republicans who used to be Democrats before the Democrat party was taken over by George McGovern, Bernie Sanders and Jesse Jackson – and may well return if Democrats allow Conservatives back into the party.

Mecklenburg County is dominated by the City of Charlotte, increasingly controlled by Democrats, which translates into race.   The mayor, city manager, police chief, fire chief and soon to be county sheriff are black.  The fear is palpable and didn’t start yesterday.

You may have heard about a school shooting near Matthews NC in the past few days.   Why the story is dying quickly nationally is there is no white villain.  One black student shot and killed another black student.  The school has consciously been made “diverse” by the county, combining poor black and Hispanic children living in apartment complexes with predominantly white upper middle class areas.    This has resulted in two things.

Those who can afford it, send their children to private Christian schools that have the power to expel students who are disruptive.  Matthews is trying to set up a publicly funded charter school separate from the county School system, but getting legal pushback from the county School system (CMS)

The alternative is you flee Mecklenburg County – either to South Carolina or to Union County.   The map shows just how strong this force is.

The yellow area is Mecklenburg County – almost completely undeveloped.  The moment you cross the county line, it becomes wall to wall high density subdivisions who attend Union County schools.

The people in Southern Mecklenburg county are not voting for a Republican preacher, even many moderate Republicans.   Mr. Harris won the primary with a huge majority of pro-trump voters in Union County, where Monroe is the biggest city.

The wild card is the Eastern counties of the district.   The further East you go, the larger the proportion of poor, rural blacks surviving on subsistence farming.   The dirty little secret is they are socially Conservative and quietly oppose the gay rights agenda due to strong religious beliefs and a peceived shortage of heterosexual black men not in prison or headed there.   In 2016, they stayed home and would not vote for Hillary.  They will decide this election, and Republicans are ignoring them.   President Trump should have gone to Fayetteville, not Charlotte.

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The bombs were fake

Say it isn’t so… No wonder Maxine Waters was so brave..

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Santa Trump is coming to town

If you didn’t catch Donald Trump’s speech in Houston, it is worth looking at. Toyota Arena holds about 18,000 people and they stopped handing out electronic tickets after 77,000 were issued. It was mostly his 2016 campaign speech looking in the rear view mirror – replacing “I will” with “We did”. He was totally on his “A” game.

President Trump will be in Charlotte on Friday, campaigning for our House members (no US Senate race here). The venue is Bojangles’ Arena (previously known as The Charlotte Colosseum). It is only half the size of Houston’s Toyota Arena. Getting tickets was simple but admission will still be based on “first in line”

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1st amendment and commercial speech

Missouri has lost its case in Federal Court barring radio and TV advertisers promoting low prices on legal alcohol products.

It is inevitable we are going to have to explain to our forefathers why it is OK to advertise cannibus, but not tobacco, and sugary sodas and cereal.

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Free Investment Advice

Just turn off the radio when anyone on radio wants to help you protect your life savings or your identity.

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Migrant caravan turned back by riot police at Mexican border!

Not the Mexican border with Texas, the border with a fence.

I guess that means the Guatemalans won’t arrive in time to vote in Texas for the Hispanic Irishman running against Ted Cruz.

“Corruption of elections stops when exponsed to bright sunlight”.

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Triton Digital being acquired by… Scripps?

With many of the streaming services no longer around, and with iHeart in bankrupcy and the Music Modernization Act rewriting how musicians are paid, Triton Digital, one of the largest provider of audio streaming is changing hands. Scripps (formerly half of Scripps Howard, the Newspaper and TV conglomerate) is acquiring Triton for $150 million in cash. Scripps has been unloading its radio properties, so this deal makes very little sense. Something must be going on behind the scenes with taxes or foreign ownership

Any ideas?

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Fear in Detroit

Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro is pulled over by a police car for following another police car who is giving him an escort to the airport. The police car who pulls him over claims there are fake police cars in Detroit. It is a really bizarre story.

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Meet Cathy Hughes

When CBS (?) decided that WOL-AM in Washington DC was not a viable radio station in the 1980s, the station was sold to her husband. She ended up with a child, no husband, and a radio station with no revenue to pay for staff. She essentially ran the station by herself for many years, sleeping in the station, raising her son.

In 1999, money became available during the post-’96 merger mania, as the FCC and Congress were pushing hard to empower black owned radio stations. She formed Radio One, and later Urban One, the syndicated Black Talk network that still employs activist Al Sharpton.

Once her son graduated from college and went to work selling advertising, things improved. Her son now runs the company which is publicly traded if you would like to own a piece of black radio.

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Not just the United States

No report yet of the man in purple being arrested. Was he trying to suggest a 16 year old has no right to give birth?

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