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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

If you weren’t glued to C-SPAN all afternoon, you could have missed this. Fox News Radio specifally covered it up on the top of the hour. There is big trouble brewing inside the Democratic Party.

A party’s “platform” is mostly just symbolic, and parties dread the process for exactly the reason today. As the Right Wing Media has been pointing out for a day or two, “God” was removed from the platform. Even more extreme, the delegates refused to state that the Democratic Party believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Word came down from the White House that this had to be changed, and pushed forward a last minute change – but doing that required a 2/3 vote to adopt the change. The question was put to a voice vote and the No voices were louder than the Aye vote. Keeping in mind that this required a 2/3 Yes vote, the man running the vote was flummoxed. He made it clear to the mob that AYE was the correct vote and tried a Do Over. The No voters got even louder. Now stammering and getting in a panic, he tried a 3rd time, creating an even more clear “No!” majority. He then ruled the AYEs had a 2/3 majority and the God + Jerusalem change was added into the platform.

Keep your eyes and ears to see if any major media outlets make a point of this. See if anyone asks Reverand Wright about this.