Democracy in Action

If you weren’t glued to C-SPAN all afternoon, you could have missed this. Fox News Radio specifally covered it up on the top of the hour. There is big trouble brewing inside the Democratic Party.

A party’s “platform” is mostly just symbolic, and parties dread the process for exactly the reason today. As the Right Wing Media has been pointing out for a day or two, “God” was removed from the platform. Even more extreme, the delegates refused to state that the Democratic Party believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Word came down from the White House that this had to be changed, and pushed forward a last minute change – but doing that required a 2/3 vote to adopt the change. The question was put to a voice vote and the No voices were louder than the Aye vote. Keeping in mind that this required a 2/3 Yes vote, the man running the vote was flummoxed. He made it clear to the mob that AYE was the correct vote and tried a Do Over. The No voters got even louder. Now stammering and getting in a panic, he tried a 3rd time, creating an even more clear “No!” majority. He then ruled the AYEs had a 2/3 majority and the God + Jerusalem change was added into the platform.

Keep your eyes and ears to see if any major media outlets make a point of this. See if anyone asks Reverand Wright about this.

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  1. Nidster says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Since about the time the Democrat Party began to hide behind the party name “Democratic Party” they have been waging war on traditional-minded American citizens. No surprise to have incidents like this one swept under the rug and kept away from public view. The other party’s RINOs (aka the “leadership”) will play along and may even run their own suppression efforts.

    The Democrats will probably lose this election cycle. Time for the pendulum to swing back again and give the other party the presidential power, IMO. Keep a sharp look-out and gird yourselves because something big is about to happen.

  2. Nidster says:

    OMG, I had just returned from work and replied to your post. Then started listening to a delayed broadcast of Mark Levin, he played the full audio of the vote to amend the platform. Priceless example of the neo-dems in action.

    Again, thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. 3tooz says:

    Yesterday. there was a clip showing FOX’s Bret Baier interviewing Dick “the turban” Durbin, and the lack of the use of the word “God” on the platfom. Durbin was visually irrate at Baier’s question for a straight answer, I thought for a second that he might jump across the table and punch Bret for asking the same question at least 3 times ,why he didnt give a simple answer ? but then I recalled Durbin is just another typical political puppet,

  4. prboylan says:

    I never have understood what the attraction is for all these groups, movements, and even entire countries to set themselves against God. World history shows that it ultimately never ends well for the Godless. One can only assume there are a lot of truly ignorant people cheering on the modern Democratic party. Or, perhaps like a Ponzi scheme they hope to get in and get theirs – before God decides enough is enough.

    • Art Stone says:

      In the 1770s, the British Redcoats were Christians who believed in God and believed that they were doing what God wanted, weren’t they?

      • magnusphi says:

        Yes, and a descendant of one of their leaders just parked his wang in front of his Vegas hotel window.

        To your point…yes, they believed they were following God. As do the Israelis and the Iranians. I say let the platform reflect the deletion of God. Clearly the delegates wanted that, and the leadership rejected that wish. Tyranny doesn’t respect politics, religion, or high ideals.

        The republicans wanted a plank that dealt with the sanctity of human life. Again, let the delegates speak. And then let the voters speak. And then let the elected do whatever they want.

  5. Nidster says:

    “Art Stone says:
    September 6, 2012 at 11:14 pm
    In the 1770s, the British Redcoats were Christians who believed in God and believed that they were doing what God wanted, weren’t they?”

    As always, ‘it depends’. Who did those so called Chritians believe was their ‘god’? What was the Name of their ‘god’? And, did their ‘god’ require them to kill others?

  6. Nidster says:

    You are right, the soldiers were no doubt in good standing with the church. They were following the will of King George III, who reigned with some sort of religious authority.
    Most of America’s founding fathers were Masons first and foremost, their association with Christianity was incidental and obligatory, IMO. I agree there was plenty of hatred to go around. Most of America’s presidents have been Masons. We all know how difficult it is to serve two masters. My cynicism is pouring out and my point was not made very well. When we are so ill-served by hypocritical, manipulative leaders, as this blog points out above, it is difficult for a believer not to become cynical.

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