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Dueling Cameras

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

This is a bit confusing, but educational

There was an event last night called “Gays for Trump”, organized by Milo Yiannopoulos, who works for Breitbart. He is quite the rabble rouser going to college campuses and provoking the free speech fascists to try to shut him down, being a gay Conservative. A few college administrators have already lost their jobs for the mere crime of letting him speak on campus and invading the safe space. Twitter just permanently banned him.

So the Daily Show had set up cameras at the exit of the event to try to “interview” gay people coming out of the event. The Breitbart editor knows how this game works – if anyone is foolish enough to talk to them, they’ll edit down the interview to make the gay Trump supporter look like an idiot.

So the Brietbart producer starts filming the Daily Show filming with the intent of recording what they are recording to have a complete video in case they edit out stuff. When the daily show realizes they are being ambushed while they are ambushing, the hilarity begins.

*** Trigger Warning ***

Diane Rehm’s NDE

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Diane Rehm is 78 years old, matching the demographics of NPR’s midday listeners. What she did this week would have ended the career of anyone else on radio (except perhaps Amy Goodman)

Bernie Sanders is the former mayor of Burlington Vermont and openly a Socialist. He doesn’t wrap it in nuanced language. He went on to become an “Independent” Senator from Vermont – the second whitest state in the United States, only trailing Montana. He is Jewish. He is running for President in 2016. He has no chance to win.

Diane stated as a fact in her interview with Bernie Sanders that he holds dual US / Israeli citizenship. This is a deeply offensive thing to say to a person who is not – it carries an implication of split loyalties, similar to German Americans in the U.S. in the 1930s being accused of all being potential spies and saboteurs working for the German Government.

Bernie immediately denied the assertion. I don’t think we know where she was heading. It could have been to give an opportunity to go after Ted Cruz renouncing his Canadian citizenship. I think at some point Barack Obama officially renounced his eligibility to claim Kenyan citizenship.

Here is the latest version of her explanation

It’s right out in the open now that “journalists” are not investigative reporters. They view their job as merely reading opposition research provided by campaigns. Barack Obama faced no scrutiny because the Romney campaign did not spoon feed their concerns to the networks. One theory is this “question” originated within Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, which seems entirely plausible and consistent with her past behavior. Diane says she “misspoke” after reading something on the Internet.

What do you think?

Here is a bit more to ponder. Her show is distributed by NPR but produced by WAMU. WAMU is owned by Washington University – which is de facto the University you want to attend if you hope to grow up some day and work for the U.S. State Department writing Hillary Clinton’s press releases or working in the Benghazi consulate. Her parents were Arabs who grew up in the Middle East. She claims to have been born in the United States.

For future reference, I am a Native American and do not hold dual citizenship.

“Puritanical” Muslims

Friday, June 13th, 2014

ABC Radio News fell to an all time low today. Unless you’ve been on vacation (or think Jon Stewart is News), you’ve probably heard that the “Stupid War” in Iraq is back. The group someone is calling ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is taking over the oil cities of the North and headed toward Baghdad. According to the things I have heard, these are the folks who enjoy cutting people’s heads off.

In attempting to characterize the group, the ABC News report characterized the group as the “Puritanical” part of Islam.

Help me out – what are some of the similarities between ISIS and the Puritans?

The general explanation of who they were was that they were Protestants in England who thought the Church of England was too slow to adopt the reforms happening in Europe and staying too close to the Roman Catholic church. They fled to the Netherlands to avoid the wrath of the Church of England and ultimately came to North America.

NY Times: Sharpton is a hero, and this is old news anyhow

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

The summary of Tawana Brawley is particularly misleading – she claimed she was raped by a “gang of white men”

Rush and the White House Press

Friday, March 21st, 2014

During the first hour today, Rush spent a good part of the show talking about the a white House press corps. His revelation is that the press tell the staff what they want to ask questions about, and then the Press Secretary calls on the people who will ask the questions they want to talk about.

I’m shocked, I tell you.

Since this is exactly how Rush’s show operates. He has a list of topics he wants to talk about and the only people who get on the air are people who will ask the prescreened question Rush wanted to talk about.

Sharyl Attkisson Quits CBS News

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

She has been one of the few TV reporters to actively pursue the Obama administrations improper activities like Fast & Furious and according to this article is writing a book about how the establishment media has circled the wagon to protect President Obama from any and all scrutiny.

She would be a perfect addition to Radio Free Earth, Glenn Beck’s latest inspiration.

Today’s Southern Food Porn

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Neese’s is located in Greensboro, NC. In addition to sausage, they are well known for their liver mush, which is probably close to what it sounds like.

All I can say is my place smells great and the sausage met all my expectations.

You’ll notice that it is not frozen and contains no chemicals like BHTA. It has a short shelf life as a result.


KTLK-AM’s ratings up 400% due to Rush Limbaugh!

Thursday, February 20th, 2014,0,2400336.story#axzz2tv9o3NgF

If you want an example of newspaper constructing a narrative that is fact free, there you go.

The reporter started with the conclusion “Rush left KFI-AM and nobody followed him to KTLK-AM!” (now KEIB). What they didn’t know because they don’t listen to the radio and didn’t do research – like talking to KFI – was that Rush continued to be heard on KFI as a KFI/KEIB simulcast most of the month. That’s why KFI’s ratings didn’t plummet.

However, over at KTLK/KEIB, the share went from the 0.1% share under “progressive” talk to 0.4% – rush is only on 3 hours a day. In addition, Salem’s KTIE in San Bernadino picked up Rush Limbagh [sic], even if they can’t spell his name correctly on their web site. Salem doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen Audio (formerly known as Arbitron) so their audience numbers are not public.

The LA Times printed a correction online. Rush doesn’t like to talk about himself or ratings, but this may get his attention.

Democracy in Action

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

If you weren’t glued to C-SPAN all afternoon, you could have missed this. Fox News Radio specifally covered it up on the top of the hour. There is big trouble brewing inside the Democratic Party.

A party’s “platform” is mostly just symbolic, and parties dread the process for exactly the reason today. As the Right Wing Media has been pointing out for a day or two, “God” was removed from the platform. Even more extreme, the delegates refused to state that the Democratic Party believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Word came down from the White House that this had to be changed, and pushed forward a last minute change – but doing that required a 2/3 vote to adopt the change. The question was put to a voice vote and the No voices were louder than the Aye vote. Keeping in mind that this required a 2/3 Yes vote, the man running the vote was flummoxed. He made it clear to the mob that AYE was the correct vote and tried a Do Over. The No voters got even louder. Now stammering and getting in a panic, he tried a 3rd time, creating an even more clear “No!” majority. He then ruled the AYEs had a 2/3 majority and the God + Jerusalem change was added into the platform.

Keep your eyes and ears to see if any major media outlets make a point of this. See if anyone asks Reverand Wright about this.

Barkley on Romney…

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Former basketball player and sports commentator Charles Barkley felt a need to make a comment about Mitt Romney showing up at a baseball game:

“Hey babe (?) listen – we gonna beat you like a drum in November, don’t take it personally – you seem like a nice guy… but you’re doing down, bro”

In the above statement, who is the collective “we” Charles is talking about? Anyone who doesn’t realize this election is going to become very ugly on racial terms (and probably violent) is not paying attention or doesn’t remember the 1960s.