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The worst advertisement of all time

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The CEO of McDonald’s stepped down today. I didn’t know until today that he was an “African American”, but I think at least that explains the recent screwup with the “Lovin BEATS hatein'” ad campaign that was pulled at the last minute – making McDonalds overtly political in the deteriorating race relations in America.

A couple weeks ago, I saw this truly bizarre YouTube video. It’s so bad you will be tempted to believe it is a parody.

The Clearly “diverse” Asian host talks to a “smart” white female PR flack wearing 10x too much makeup. The theme is “I don’t believe McDonalds when they say they don’t use pink slime”. After repeating the accusations a dozen times, he announces this is the first Big Mac he’s had in 15 years, takes the obligatory “Mmm, it’s good” then likely vomits out the bite after the camera cuts away.

Seriously, was the CEO trying to destroy McDonalds from the inside?

Hostess Golden Cupcakes

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

You probably have heard by now the Hostess Brands is back in bankruptcy (the prior incarnation of the parent company made the trip through Chapter 11 back in 2004 (and emerged in 2009).    Interstate Bakeries is more than just Hostess and Wonder Bread – a lot of the entire bread aisle is them, you just don’t realize that one company is doing all the different brands – IBC is also Drake snacks, Dolly Madison, Merita Bread, Baker’s Inn, Home Pride, Beefsteak, Eddy’s, J.J. Nissen, Sunbeam…

So I figured I should buy some Hostess products and see what the problem is.

I regularly have bought Home Pride bread – in the last couple years, the bread seems to have been lower quality less “butter”, courser, not as fresh,   The “store brand” bread is no worse, and maybe half the price.   I didn’t know until right now that it was also an IBC brand.

So I picked up an 8 pack of “Golden Cupcakes” at my local supermarket (not walmart) – price was $4.43.   Just a tad under 1 pound  ($4.29/lb).   Each “cake” has 200 calories, meaning a $/kCal of  $3.61, placing it way out of the junk food range [comparison]

So dig in!

They’re awful, even from junk food.   Upon closer examination, the box shows “golden” cakes with a dark brown “icing”, but nowhere does the box say that the ice is “chocolate”, because it isn’t.   It’s some goo that contains some small amount of alkalized cocoa and food coloring.

What flavor is “Golden”?  Got me.   The cake is bitter – it tastes vaguely like ginger or maybe baking soda.    It is not sugary, and definitely not buttery or vanilla.

Snack foods cratered when they let the government steam roll them over transfats.   More recently, Michelle Obama has been leading the campaign to get sugar, fat, and salt out of foods.   In the middle of that, we had the mostly bogus peanut butter scare

IBC is also surely a big user of commodity futures to protect itself from wild swings in the prices of the ingredients in their products.   More than likely, they were directly or indirectly pushed over the edge by the failure of MF Global.

90% of IBC’s employees are members of the Teamsters.

Diversity has arrived!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

You may have heard that the Supreme Court threw out a class action lawsuit against WalMart trying to extract money for every female employee, including those hired after the lawsuit was filed – for discrimination in the better paying management jobs

Today, I went to WalMart to annoy the Union Democrats and the anti-China tea party folks by shopping there.   As I was coming in, my danger antenna immediately went up.   An elderly woman (60ish) was riding one of those Scooter things out the in door.  She didn’t have any merchandise, and was looking like she was going to go out the little door they push the carts into the store through – she also seemed to be listening to something in her ear.   Okay, whatever.  

The store was a mess – my local store has a food section (about 4 aisles), but isn’t a full SuperWalmart.   It was a building that used to be something else and I don’t think WalMart has yet decided to confront the unionized supermarket stores in Connecticut.   I’m about the last person to complain about anything, but I felt a need to say something….

So as I was leaving, the greeter said goodbye to me, and I walked over and said there was something I think someone needed to know – she pointed to the woman in the scooter and said “She’s the manager”.

W00t!   triple play – my walmart has a handicapped woman with gray hair running the place (poorly).   I don’t think she is transgender, but I didn’t ask.    I feel so much more compassionate now that my store is diverse.

Boeing’s Nightmare

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

It’s like a page right out of Atlas Shrugged.    Boeing is one of the largest manufacturers still making a product in the United States that sell around the world for which there is very limited competition.

Most of Boeing’s history has taken place in Seattle, but a parasitic government and a history of labor stoppages started to motivate them to look elsewhere.  In 2001, it decided to move its corporate headquarters to downtown Chicago.

Boeing decided it would build a second final assembly plant for 787 dreamliner in Charleston, South Carolina.   Up until now, South Carolina has been making portions of the plane there.   South Carolina is a right to work state, which means the union can’t compel you to become a member and pay dues.

The National Labor Relations Board has filed suit against Boeing, demanding that they agree to keep the Washington State 787 facility in operation.   Should the people in Seattle stop work in the future, Boeing might just permanently move all production to South Carolina.   That possible future action (which Boeing has never threatened) cannot be tolerated.

Senator Lindsey Graham is outraged.