The worst advertisement of all time

The CEO of McDonald’s stepped down today. I didn’t know until today that he was an “African American”, but I think at least that explains the recent screwup with the “Lovin BEATS hatein'” ad campaign that was pulled at the last minute – making McDonalds overtly political in the deteriorating race relations in America.

A couple weeks ago, I saw this truly bizarre YouTube video. It’s so bad you will be tempted to believe it is a parody.

The Clearly “diverse” Asian host talks to a “smart” white female PR flack wearing 10x too much makeup. The theme is “I don’t believe McDonalds when they say they don’t use pink slime”. After repeating the accusations a dozen times, he announces this is the first Big Mac he’s had in 15 years, takes the obligatory “Mmm, it’s good” then likely vomits out the bite after the camera cuts away.

Seriously, was the CEO trying to destroy McDonalds from the inside?

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2 Responses to The worst advertisement of all time

  1. briand75 says:

    That’s Grant Imahara – famous from Mythbusters. I suppose he has credibility from the years on that show. I think this would make any vegetarian/vegan retch uncontrollably.

    • Art Stone says:

      In college, our accounting professor took the Accounting Club to a local slaughterhouse. My guess is he was a vegetarian – as we learned nothing about accounting on the trip. My strongest memory was the guy who had the job to use a wheelbarrow to haul away the internal organs. I still eat beef.

      The video did show one thing that might explain why the burgers suck now – they are using a device that cooks the burger from both sides and no longer put the dehydrated onions on top. That speeds up the cooking – but a burger cooked in a Joe Frazier burger cooker tastes nothing like a burger cooked in a frying pan

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