John Paul Stevens to retire

John Paul Stephens was a rich kid’s son, growing up in Hyde Park, the oasis of rich people on South Lake Shore Drive in Chicago where Barack Obama’s home is.

John Paul Stevens was put on the appeals court by Richard Nixon and on the Supreme Court by Richard Nixon. Mr Stevens has written a book about the six broken Amendments of the US Constitution, like the 2nd needs to be clearer that the right to keep and bear arms is only for people in the militia operating following the orders of the government leaders.

So why do we even bother electing Republican Presidents?

Perhaps Eric Holder would like to be on the Supreme Court.

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  1. polokfla says:

    We now have 3 political parties. Communists (AKA Democrats)
    Socialists (AKA Republicans)
    Constitutionalists (AKA Tea Party)-vastly outnumberd
    The Constitution should never be up for a vote-but it surely has been lately

  2. Splitting right-of-center votes while the left has only one party is a frightening prospect. We don’t have a couple of decades to wait for a libertarian movement to grow. The stakes for the country are too high. If you vote libertarian in a general election, you’re helping leftists stay in power. It’s sad, but it’s true.

    • Art Stone says:

      Hillary gave a speech over the weekend to the Methodist’s women convention, telling how the story of feeding the masses with five fishes and two loaves is evidence that Jesus told us we are all responsible for each other. [I don’t take exception to that] and that it is women who have been responsible for feeding the community.

      Did Hillary just say women’s place is to be in the kitchen?

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Don’t be fooled by the Republican Party talking points. They want you to believe that but the facts don’t bear that out. Take a look, for example, at the statewide November 2013 contests in Virginia and compare those that had a Libertarian Party candidate to those that had only a Republican and Democrat-

      For example, look at the % of votes for the Governor (3 parties) to Lt Governor (2 parties) and Attorney General (2 parties):

      Even after these results were in, the Republican Party leadership blamed their loss of the Governor position on the Libertarian Party. Look at the results your self and think for yourself. Don’t believe them because they are Republicans and they would not lie to a fellow Republican- who could they? πŸ˜‰

      • Art Stone says:

        I gave up all hope for Republicans when Boehner was chosen before the incoming House even met, and then he went in front of the TV camera and cried about how happy he was. Now he is openly mocking his own members.

      • Linda S. says:

        Ken Cuccinelli would have made a great Gov. It came out after the election that the Libertarian candidate was paid to run. Pulling votes from Cuccinelli was the only way McAuliffe could win. VA really got a jewel didn’t they!

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          Did you check the numbers? You have it backwards, Linda:

          Dem for Gov (3 way) 1,065,205 votes
          Dem for Lt Gov (2 way) 1,208,198 votes

          Rep for Gov (3-way) 1,010,335 votes
          Rep for Lt Gov (2-way) 975,660 votes

          The Dem candidate for Gov had 143,000 LESS votes than the Dem candidate for Lt Gov.

          The Rep candidate for Gov had 34,675 MORE votes than the Rep candidate for Lt Gov.

          The Libertarian candidate for Gov was drawing votes from the Dems not the Reps- (There was no Libertarian candidate for Lt Gov.)

          • Parrott says:

            Well, I can tell you for sure CC, since I’m livin’ it. Virginia has become a shit-hole for Democrat class and race warfare. They (Dems) don’t ever have a solution, but just call ‘anyone’ else a racist.
            That same faux-Libertarian candidate is running for senate now to help Mark warner get re-elected. Rigged already, repubs are offering washington Insider. No choice.
            It’s more of the same, Northern Virginia just has too many Metro-sexuals, & control freaks fleeing Maryland taxes, cross the Potomac, but who still vote pro-Dem. We should make a cut along I-64 and southern & western Virginia should become another state or part of NC.
            I Use to be a repub, but when Bush had repubs in the senate and House and all he did was increase spending, I realized it was about two sets of croniesand swapping them back and forth for which set is in power.
            There are sets of ‘worse’ cronies, and right now they’re in the senate, white house & justice department.
            I wonder if my grandparents thought the State of Virginia was going away from their core values 40 and 50 years ago. Its strange and kinda scary.
            You need to make a break from the system(matrix) Its a fraud. Or embrace internet fast lanes to pay to play & be watched by the police and gov. by the FCC.
            Support the original organic internet

      • I don’t care about anyone’s talking points. I make up my own mind based on facts and logic. I looked at those numbers and realized that you are comparing apples to oranges.

        Libertarians are right of center (except perhaps for single-issue potheads or isolationists). If we oppose the left but split our votes on the right, we can only help the other side. Please don’t dismiss my opinion by accusing me of believing someone’s talking points.

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          Didn’t mean to dismiss your opinions. It is important to make up your own mind. I do run into people (most people actually) that vote for one party because their parents and grandparents voted for that same party… and tend to believe and restate whatever that party leadership says.

          It will take critical thinking to get the country out of the rut that it is in.

          Regarding Cuccinelli – he was a special case, like that Republican candidate in Indiania that also lost was a special case. Cuccinelli wanted to make it a criminal act for people, including married couples, to have oral sex in Virginia. Whether you like oral sex or not, you have to think that it is crazy to build more prisons and hire more state attorneys and police to lock people up for that. Where would Bill and Monica be today if the White House had been in Cuccinelli’s Virginia?

          • Art Stone says:

            I regularly read and the comment threads. There is a strong contingent who keep arguing that Obsma is weak and we have to “do something” militarily about Ukraine. They apparently didn’t get the Libertarian pocket reference.

            They are also all over the place on immigration. The actual libertarian position is one that says people should be allowed to cross borders to work wherever then want and where an employer wants to hire them.

            I don’t think that works in the real world, but is symptomatic of the lack of cohesion. The movement needs to focus on simple ideas like repealing the income tax and not needing to feel an obligation to answer “and replace it with what?” Just do it and push the thing over the cliff and start over. It won’t happen, but people’s motivations will be right out in the open.

            • CC1s121LrBGT says:

              Reason is a good magazine. Regarding candidates and members within political parties – everyone has their own personal opinions and their own personal views.

              I do agree with your tactics thought- they are similar to the successful “Contract for America” that Newt did 20 years ago. Focus on a short list of objectives that are popular, get elected then get them done.

              Too much talk about theory and hypothetical situations is not productive. Rand Paul got in trouble early on when he said that the federal government should not be in the business of preventing discrimination between private parties as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires. Fortunately for him, he realized his mistake and made it clear that his campaign was not to change that act in any way, but to do other things.

              As an aside, the situation with the LA Clippers’ owner being penalized by the private sector and their customers (fans and players) shows that Rand’s ideas were not as absurd as Rachel Maddow had implied.

            • Art Stone says:

              The latest poll has Tillis at 46%, more than the 40% threshold to prevent a runoff. It’s a 20 point jump in a few weeks. Two days ago, I was driving around and listening to WBT (unusual behavior for me). It was one political ad after another.

              Since the black woman at the DMV empowered to decide if my vision was too bad to drive also was the one offering to register me to vote and asking my party preference, I’m currently “none”. I didn’t even know the election was imminent until I drive past a polling place and saw all the “vote for me, I like spamming the roadside with signs” materials.

            • Art Stone says:

              It looks like it is a semi-open primary. If you declared an affiliation, that’s who you have to vote for. If you indicated no affiliation, then you can request a ballot for any party. If there is a runoff, you had to have voted for that party the first time.

            • Art Stone says:

              NC voting law changes


              While North Carolina has more registered Democrats than Republicans, the 2012 election gave Republicans the Governorship and control of both Houses, so the express train of legislation barreled through last summer, greatly motivating me to move back.

              There are only three official parties in North Carolina. If I registered with a party, it just limits my options, and encourages a political party to flood my mailbox with crap

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