Ed Schultz pulls the plug

Perhaps Cumulus is getting around to demanding pay cuts, maybe advertisers realize how few “progressive” talk stations are left…

Whatever the reason, hot on the heels of Randi Rhodes – Ed Shultz will do his final show on Friday of this week.

His show overlapped the time period of Thom Hartman. Ed was never part of Air America, although he was carried on many Air America affiliates. When Air America failed and went into chapter 7 bankruptcy, that compressed the on air talent from Jones Radio and Air America into Dial Global – which is now owned by Cumulus Media.

The big decision I’m still waiting for is the morning news show – who will survive? Jim Bohannon or Dirk Vann? Cutting costs means eliminating duplication of programming. Since Jim Bohannon also does his show in the evening, my guess would be that Dirk Vann will get the axe.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Details of Fast Eddy’s decision:


    Note that Friday is May 23rd, not May 24th as the story says.

    • lasong says:

      Shultz is one guy that I am glad is going off the air. Ed and Hannity are like the evil twins on the opposite side of the political spectrum, both are full of themselves and have basically the same show bashing the otherside.

      • Art Stone says:

        I totally agree with that. While I don’t want a rah rah public affairs show that’s essentially a free commercial, I would rather hear more about policy than personality – and specific things we can do to rein in Federal Government power.

        A good opportunity this past week was the NSA Bill in the House. This was a reform that both parties support to some degree, but that the shadow government opposes. Let’s shine light and watch the bugs crawl away.

        Most of what I heard (which was not much) was the criticism of the President on the VA Hospitals. The end game of that issue will be more federal spending and more dependency. Why is it the responsibility of the VA system to treat an AIDS patient because he served in the military for 2 years in the 1980s? The VA hospitals were originally to care for veterans with service related injuries – mission creep turned them into a lifetime social services program for veterans and their entire family.

        My next door neighbor evaded combat by serving in the Nationsl Guard during Vietnam (his parents had political clout in Mississippi), but tells me he can go to the VA facility an hour up the road and get a free hearing aid that would cost me at least $2,500

  2. briand75 says:

    Two good points:
    1) Ed who?
    2) MSNBC – an entirely “accurate” broadcast company gets the date wrong.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Art Stone says:

    Mike Rogers is doing Ed’s final show. That’s not shocking – I doubt Ed ans Cumulus are on good terms.

  4. HPaws says:

    How about WSJ this morning – good product, I believe the price is acceptable – gratis – I stream it instead of Beck quite a bit.

    • Art Stone says:

      None of the early morning news shows get significant activity here – my theory is most people listening to the shows are using a clock radio or a radio in the kitchen, or maybe their car. I personally don’t care for them smarmy “humor”.

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