“Americans just believe what they see on Cable TV”

Obama can’t declare a new Iraq war without approval. Even Bush knew that

Ryan Goodman is not identified in the Guardian article. He is a law professor at New York University – with solid left wing credentials in Human Rights and the laws of War

He is aiming his wrath right at President Obama and especially John Kerry. The primary point of this article is that ISIS is not Al Qaida and not supported by them. Obama and Kerry are gearing up to fight a different enemy in Iraq than was authorized in the past by Congress, using the pretext that ISIS is Al Qaida

Despite Professor Goodman making the general condemnation of Cable News, he specifically calls out the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and CNN carrying the lie that ISIS is Al Qaida.

You can’t support groups trying to overthrow governments in Libya and Syria and then accuse the same people we funded of being “terrorists” the moment they turn against the US backed government – and the US starts talking about cooperating with the “terrorist” government of Iran.

ISIS is making swift progress because the Sunni tribes that used to rule Iraq under Saddam Hussein support them. The Sunni areas are not being captured by ISIS – the local people support their objectives. The Iraqi military is disintegrating in those areas. The Shia volunteers being rounded up to prop up the Iraqi army are a sham. Taking a man and giving him a uniform and gun does not make him a soldier. Their only realistic purpose is to stand behind the real Army with orders to shoot them in the back if they try to desert.

You would think John Kerry of all people would understand you can’t win a civil war by having pilots like John McCain dropping bombs on them. According to the young John Kerry, the Viet Cong were not troops from the North – they were fighters against colonial rule who were supported and protected by the people of South Vietnam.

We lost in Vietnam, Daniel Ortega still runs Nicaragua, the Castros still run Cuba, Libya and Egypt have been taken over by Islamic zealots, Daniel Noriega is back in Panama

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  1. Nidster says:

    Well, just consider what ‘could be’ going on is a backdoor attempt to re-arm the insurgents in Syria trying to take down al-Bashar. I agree with what you’re saying above, but just consider that if ISIL is being supported by al-Obama, who isn’t going to do much to help the Iraqi government as presently formed, then perhaps the #1 goal of al-Obama and the Mafioso factions supporting him is to keep the ME in a state of turmoil and topple the Syrian government.

    One thing to keep in mind is the Shia hate the Kurds, but the Sunni (Ba’ath Party) absolutely despise the Kurds. It has been Kurdish support of the present Iraqi government (Shia) that has kept it in power.

    The Kurds are dispersed across 4 countries: Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Kurds in Iraq have come a long way economically from the days when their towns were under assault by al-Hussein, and militarily they are also a military force to be reckoned with in Iraq. When ISIL took control of Mosul they only controlled the western bank of the city. The Kurds occupy the eastern bank and ISIL was smart not to threaten the Kurds.

    OK, so I’m crawling out on limb to speculate what could unfold over the next year or more. This will be in ‘shorthand’ since there isn’t enough time or space to write a book, but what has been going on lately is the Iraqi Kurds developed a business relationship with Turkey (and with Iran), they have ‘patched-up’ their differences with the Syrian Kurds, and Turkey is helping the Iraqi Kurds sell their oil.

    So, what I see unfolding is this: Vladimir Putin has somehow fostered a way for the Kurds (perhaps) to form an autonomous government because of the following reasons, and for certain concessions of course; the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds will join together as proxies to help the Ruskies keep al-Bashar in power, the Iraqi Shia government has no other choice other than to grant concessions to the Iraqi Kurds for their help, and Putin, who influences both the Iranians and Syrians will supply the ‘glue’ and help to broker all the deals.

    With Putin out-smarting al-Obama nearly every step of the way so far, what could go wrong? So what if al-Obama gets pissed-off, who cares?

    Look at the geography Kurdistan formerly spanned from a tiny portion of the Mediterranean to the west, up into Turkey to the north,

    • Art Stone says:

      That sounds right to me. Putin just did a discovered check. No matter which direction you move the King, you lose

    • Nidster says:

      Yep, as stated above, Putin is out-smarting al-Obama nearly every step of the way so far, what could go wrong (for al-Obama)?

      Suddenly the Iraq – ISIS story has dissolved into less and less Establishment Media coverage. So, could there be a reason, such as Putin sending in SU-25 fighter jets and a batch of MI-35 and MI-28 Russian helicopters into Iraq to help defend, and possibly expel the new Caliphate that the Sunni’s are attempting to form?

      The move to bolster Maliki’s tenure and power may not be a lasting strategy of the Ruskies or lead to any long-term relationship, but it is certainly an irritant to the neo-cons because it is drawing a very fine distinction between the plummeting world opinion of al-Obama versus the rising stature of Putin as a true world leader who has a habit of stepping in to dash the plans of al-Obama at every step. Sure, I agree with those who claim Putin is a ‘bad’ guy, but on the other hand one needs to recognize that it takes a strong-man to bring down thoroughly corrupt, wannabe world leaders.

      Perhaps the Iraqi petro-Dinar-USDollars will someday be trashed in favor of petro-Russian-Rubles that can be spent at full value for Russia hardware.

    • Art Stone says:

      You break it, you own it

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Problem is the Bushes not only didn’t pay for it, they profited from breaking it.

        • Nidster says:

          The Chinese have huge oil contracts in southern Iraq, and by way of their purchases of US Treasuries ended up paying for a lot of it. I doubt there any large, highly profitable oil contracts going to western companies.

          The largest underlying problem in Iraq, and the ME as a whole is religious hatred. The Criminal Class that rules over America continues to stoke the flames of intolerance and keeps the region in perpetual turmoil. Remember the Arab Spring that involved virtually every country in the ME, except for Iran and Iraq?

          A lot of ‘play acting’ goes on between the 2 main political parties in America, but consider for a moment that virtually all the members of congress voted to go to war against Saddam Hussien and overthrow the bas(turd.), and the votes to continue funding the war always passed.

          If we would just show the mentally ill Ruling Class some tender love and care, and insist on giving them the proper health care treatment for their illness, I betcha things would improve for the average American, and other people around the world.

            • Nidster says:

              Bottom-line: There were all sorts of various and nefarious reasons given for the 2nd war against Saddam Hussien. There was the inexplicable refusal of Saddam to allow full and unfettered access to the monitors who were snooping around looking for evidence of WMD’s, then there were the data CD’s Saddam handed over to the UN supposedly detailing all the work that went into Iraq’s military programs, the there was the huge Oil-for-Food scandal implicating corruption at the highest levels of the UN and elsewhere.

              Never forget, it was ‘Colon’ Powell who did the real dirty work in his UN appearance, then there was the whole Scooter Libby fiasco where once again it was ‘Colon’ Powell and his sidekick former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who did some dirty dealing at the behest of (fill-in-da-blank-here).

              There is evidence and opinion floating around as to the real reasons, but those reasons can not be proven, so it’s best to deal with them in a more appropriate forum.

          • Nidster says:

            I have it on good authority once al-Obama leaves office he will give a ‘Farewell to the Nation’ speech. Find below,

            “al-Obama’s Anthem to the World”
            I can see clearly now, the Plan is done.
            I see no more obstacles in my Way.
            Nothing but dark clouds do I leave behind.
            There’s coming a Dark,
            So Dark, Hell-of-a Day.
            It’s gonna be a Dark, Dark
            A really Dark, Hellish day.

            Oh, yes I can make it now, the Plan is done.
            I leave you all the bad things I have done.
            Where is that rainbow you’ve been praying for?
            Nothing but dark clouds do I leave behind.
            It’s gonna be a Dark, Dark
            So very Dark, Hellish day.

            You look all around, there’s nothing but bad news. You look all around, there’s nothing but Dark skies. Yeah, hey, it’s gonna be a Dark, Dark
            Oh so very Dark, Hellish day.

            Oh Lord, my prayer is Hopefully he will leave office peacefully, and not Change his mind, and become a bitter clinger. Where is ‘The End’?

          • Art Stone says:

            This is one of my problems in understanding. The United States “supports Democracy” as a guiding principle – unless the Palestinians elect leaders with unacceptable beliefs. Let’s stop the lie that US foreign policy has anything to do with Democracy or Representative government.

            • CC1s121LrBGT says:

              Palestine is old news. What about the more recent coups in Egypt and Ukraine that the US supported? … or the current of another regime change needed to replace the elected leader in Iraq?

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