Seeing what you want to see

Glenn Beck and Pat Grey were cheering on this amazing video of Hamas firing a rocket from the top of an apartment building, cheering, then only a few seconds later, a rocket fired by an F-16 hits the building and destroys it. Yay for Israel!

Except that’s not what the video is at all. The text with the article explains it, which makes it all the odder that Glenn got this completely wrong. Hopefully Stu will straighten them out.

There is no “Hamas missile” in the video. As the text explains, the first disruption on the roof is an incoming “dummy” rocket. 20 seconds later in the video – but 15 minutes later in real time – according to the linked CNN article, a missile with an explosive charge destroys an obviously residential structure.

The first clue should’ve been the .PS in the Internet address. This is a propaganda video from the palestinian authority making the case against Israel. I think it’s time for an extended vacation.

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  1. HPaws says:

    That is somewhere between sloppy and dishonest – I have learned from trying to hire contractors most sloppiness is rooted in through dishonesty. I catch Beck about once every 2 weeks and canceled my Blaze subscription what I heard this week is a monologue that he was headed off in a newer, deeper, Godlier, goodlier direction – he don’t know where he’s going but hep him git there – buy a Blaze subscription and some gold. Sort of like when ‘Hollywood vapid’ wants to upgrade script writing pseudo intellectual PETA member.

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