IRN/USA network fading fast

This morning I was attempting to confirm that IRN’s Daybreak USA show is still even being distributed.    A couple months ago, I carried the item that the “network” was being “sold” to a “Christian” “news” service. The one station in the database still carrying the show has a non-working stream (at least on the iPad)

If you ever listened to IRN (which absorbed the USA Radio network in 2008), it doesn’t take long to realize it is mostly religious motivated news and talk.   You would not be out of line if you assumed the “I” in IRN stood for “Israel”. The news broadcasts carry extensive coverage of events in the middle east.

Daybreak USA was a secular morning news program when it was owned by the failed USA Radio network.  It has gone through several hosts since the merger.

A few signs of decay to notice – if you go to Press Releases, the most recent is from 2011. There is no press release announcing the sale of the network. Clicking on Archives finds nothing but a single sample newscast from earlier this year.

The description of Daybreak USA describes it as “live” (in quotes). The show is either live or it isn’t. My impression is the final two hours may be a refeed of the earlier truly live hours, but that may also contain recorded segments. It’s hard to get “live” interviews at 5 AM.

Independent syndicated news/talk is done. The fat lady has finished singing.

TRN is now essentially just Jerry Doyle during the week with owner Roy Masters promoting his mind control tapes. Laura Ingraham has a syndicator, but isn’t part of an all day lineup that stations might want to carry. Radio America is still around, but fewer stations carry the lineup. Their star is Roger Hedgecock who is #29 for the past year in listenership via this website.

Salem is mostly heard only on their own stations and not independent of the religious perspective of the two founders (both now past retirement age). BTRN (Business Talk) and sister network Lifestyle Radio are mostly dead air or paid programming. Chuck Harder’s network is gone. Westwood One and Dial Global are now owned by Cumulus, which can be pretty sure to end programs as existing talent contracts run out and national “talent” refuses to work for AFTRA minimum scale. Westar is just Kim Komando.

On the other hand, Dave Ramsey’s religious/money advice is great inexpensive programming to fill the void and is showing up everywhere.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The last update to their Facebook page is from 2009. There is an inquiry from October 8th of this year, wanting to know why Jay Young, the “live” host has vanished.

  2. foyle says:

    I didn’t realize that Jerry Doyle was back on the air.

    Dana Loesch seems to be about the only new talent in talk radio these days (I have no idea how many stations she is on). I have listened to parts of her show a few dozen times and find her refreshing for the most part.

    • Art Stone says:

      That’s about it, but she is now doing a show on Glenn Beck’s Blaze network. Her show is distributed by Radio America. Radio America is owned by a 401(c) charity that promotes government military spending. That leaves them less vulnerable to advertising boycotts. Her show is streamed on about a dozen stations before I stopped aggressively searching for new ones. The challenge is with Cumulus, IHeart, CBS and Salem (mostly) using only in-house programming, that leaves few high quality stations left to carry a program like hers. A lot of those stations have given up and are now sports talk.

    • Art Stone says:

      I don’t know the details, but my guess is Roy Masters suing him for talking to a Rusty Humphries about leaving intimidated him into staying, or maybe they arrived at a new contract. He still has most of his original affiliates.

      TRN has two two satellite feeds managed and marketed by Dial Global, now owned by Cumulus Media
      One feed is 9 hours a day of Sam Sorbo, 3 hours of Doyle, 6 hours of TBA (not Rusty Humphries) and nothing from Mid-6AM ET

      The other channel has 3 hours of America’s morning news, refed 3 hours later (breaking news that is three hours old is a problem) and six hours of Roy Masters talking about his theories about controlling women and how science has gravity backwards – things are pushed toward the earth by the emptiness of space, not gravitational attraction of a large mass. God explained that to him.

  3. fhiggins says:

    Dana Loesch “The Dana Show” is great.

  4. foyle says:

    As for Dave Ramsey (& Clark Howard for that matter) I enjoy listening to their shows but I generally listen to the commercial free podcasts via their websites. A 3 hour show only takes 2 hours that way.

    Ramsey’s success is a perfect illustration of how uncommon common sense has become in our culture (Ramsey even says so himself). The guy makes millions of dollars and his entire message can be boiled down to this: live on (& stick to) a budget, avoid debt, & save money. It’s not exactly rocket science but it seems very few people in our society understand those simple principles anymore.

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