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I despise Supermarkets that demand you use “frequent shopper” loyalty cards to get their bogus “discounts” – effectively a surcharge if you refuse to allow your purchases to be recorded into “big data” for whatever future purpose. I have started shopping regularly at a supermarket catering to Mexicans as I start to “hide in the shadows”

Bi-Lo was an iconic Southern supermarket chain. They also now own the even more iconic Winn Dixie chain (that no longer operates in North Carolina). About a year ago, Bi-Lo sold most of their Charlotte area stores to Publix, a Florida based chain that is definitely not a “Southern” chain, catering instead to the tastes of New Jersey snowbirds. Carvel Ice Cream and Nathan’s hot dogs have no history in Dixie.

I thought about visiting Bi-Lo again – the remaining stores are in the heart of Charlotte’s “black” neighborhoods. I noticed they are big on the “save with your card” ploy and the even more deceptive “buy one free, get one free” approach. Bacon at regular price is really $6.99 a pound?

So how much permission am I giving them to pass along my personally identified buying behavior to third parties.

Back when I ran, Google required that I have a privacy policy page. I wrote one saying (more or less) I don’t care who the hell you are or what you do, but Google is going to track the hell out of every breath you take, and they can do that because I’m taking money from them. Privacy on the Internet doesn’t exist. I’m sorry.

“Ring ring”
Hello Mr Stone. This is Vanessa, your good health counselor from the National Health Service. We just noticed you picked up a half gallon of whole milk about 30 seconds ago. Your doctor has already told you not to drink that. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go back and get the skim milk. Just consider this a friendly warning. We’re only trying to help you. It’s for your own good. You don’t want us to have to get more forceful do you? I’m watching you on camera 37 right now. Are you going to comply?
Uhhh… Sure.
*ring ring*
This is Vanessa. I heard that. What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate.
Yes Boss. whatever you say Boss

Could never happen here?

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  1. briand75 says:

    Not happen here – ever. More likely scenario:

    *ring ring* Hello? *Vanessa, you need to go back and pick up that fifth of whiskey and that carton of Marlboros. We can’t help you out with these EBT dollars unless you do as we expect*

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