Are you Charlie? Really?

Other than the Freedom of Speech that you learned about, what do you know about Charlie Hebdo?

Alex Jones is promoting anothe of his crazy theories that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was actually an Israeli operation carried out by several stupid people tricked into doing it. Now that’s just crazy talk.

His theory is this is a warning to France (and Europe more generally) to warn them of the consequences of recognizing Palestine and granting them membership in the ICC to pursue war crimes against Israel in the recent events in Gaza.

So being the advocates of free expression, did Charlie Hebdo have opinions about Israel or Jewish people living in France?

“Free Speech” in France? seriously?

In the unlikely event that Alex Jones is onto something, could that explain why the Obama administration didn’t want anyone in Paris standing next to Benjamin Netanyahu in a photo op?

Ron Paul joined Alex on his show to talk about things. If a Republican House member faced prolonged press condemnation for talking to a group of “white supremicists” once, is there any chance at all they would be accused of anti-Semitism and Alex Jones will be exhibit #1?

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