Obama’s Willie Horton

Charlotte made national news again!


There was a multiple homicide earlier this year that got national attention because one of the dead people was a young woman who had been on a cable TV show. The guy who murdered the 4 people is an MS-13 gang member granted amnesty by the Obama executive action.

A little bit related, the popular Charlotte Police Chief who qualified for his job because of a bogus college degree from another city that wanted to get rid of him is retiring in July, just as the Charlotte trial of the police officer who shot an unarmed black man about a year ago gets underway. The city just cut a very large check to the family of the dead man to make the case go away. Given that at the time, the mayor was black, the police chief is black, and the majority of the city council were black, don’t look for Ferguson intensity coverage. The shooting of the child with the pellet gun in Cleveland vanished very quickly. The pattern is getting very clear.

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