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Charlotte: City Council faces voter backlash if city doesn’t protect illegals News stories in the Charlotte Observer rarely get more than 2 or 3 comments. This story borders on the bizarre. I hope it signals either the death of the Observer or a wakeup call to the McClatchy chain to … Continue reading

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Multan City

Mostly because of the trains 😉 As real information trickles out, Tashfeen Malik did have two in person interviews – one in Pakistan and another in the United States when she applied for the green card after getting married. She … Continue reading

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Coming to a country near you

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Obama’s Willie Horton

Charlotte made national news again! There was a multiple homicide earlier this year that got national attention because one of the dead people was a young woman who had been on a cable TV show. The guy who murdered … Continue reading

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We Accept EBT and WIC

When I was looking at condos in Charlotte, there is a pretty clear pattern to housing prices. Same age construction, similar units. If the property is in a “white” neighborhood, it will sell for $100 sq/ft. If the house is … Continue reading

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El futuro de los Estados Unidos

Antrax F. U We’re gonna rape your mom in the ass – jk

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