Diane Rehm’s NDE

Diane Rehm is 78 years old, matching the demographics of NPR’s midday listeners. What she did this week would have ended the career of anyone else on radio (except perhaps Amy Goodman)

Bernie Sanders is the former mayor of Burlington Vermont and openly a Socialist. He doesn’t wrap it in nuanced language. He went on to become an “Independent” Senator from Vermont – the second whitest state in the United States, only trailing Montana. He is Jewish. He is running for President in 2016. He has no chance to win.

Diane stated as a fact in her interview with Bernie Sanders that he holds dual US / Israeli citizenship. This is a deeply offensive thing to say to a person who is not – it carries an implication of split loyalties, similar to German Americans in the U.S. in the 1930s being accused of all being potential spies and saboteurs working for the German Government.

Bernie immediately denied the assertion. I don’t think we know where she was heading. It could have been to give an opportunity to go after Ted Cruz renouncing his Canadian citizenship. I think at some point Barack Obama officially renounced his eligibility to claim Kenyan citizenship.

Here is the latest version of her explanation


It’s right out in the open now that “journalists” are not investigative reporters. They view their job as merely reading opposition research provided by campaigns. Barack Obama faced no scrutiny because the Romney campaign did not spoon feed their concerns to the networks. One theory is this “question” originated within Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, which seems entirely plausible and consistent with her past behavior. Diane says she “misspoke” after reading something on the Internet.

What do you think?

Here is a bit more to ponder. Her show is distributed by NPR but produced by WAMU. WAMU is owned by Washington University – which is de facto the University you want to attend if you hope to grow up some day and work for the U.S. State Department writing Hillary Clinton’s press releases or working in the Benghazi consulate. Her parents were Arabs who grew up in the Middle East. She claims to have been born in the United States.

For future reference, I am a Native American and do not hold dual citizenship.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    My sense is Diane Rehm may be through. Wisconsin Public Radio is carrying Kathleen Dunn in that time slot (a show produced in Charlotte). Minnesota Public Radio doesn’t carry the show. WYNC carries the show at 10 PM.

    One of her claims to fame was that she and her husband made a pact that if one of them became terminally ill, the other would help them die. That pact becomes problematic when the other person dies first.

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