CBS Weather and Traffic on the 17s

I guess it had to happen. With Sumner Redstone no longer in sole command of the Viacom / CBS empire, here come the idiots that destroyed Cumulus and iHeart’s soul.

CBS has stood out as the “not stupid” radio operator. Radio is a very profitable business – if you didn’t borrow up the wazoo to acquire stations in bidding wars. CBS is still basically the same stations merged together from CBS Radio, Westingouse Broadcasting and Infinity Broadcasting. They run many of the top billing stations in the country, especially the All News stations (WCBS, WINS, WBBM, WBZ, KNX, KYW, WWJ), WFAN and KROQ.

Like all sucidal businesses, CBS has starting cutting 100s of employees – starting with the sales people. Screw them out of commissions on clients they landed but haven’t been billed yet, and see how hard it is to get real sales people to work for you. In six months, revenue will mysteriously drop and your listeners grow tired of the bottom feeding herbal cure and make money rich quick schemes. Another sequoia has termites eating its roots. Hopefully new life will sprout after the mature trees topple over.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    In related news, Sumner had a strange personal life

    Giving big chunks of money to women bothers me less than his big checks to Democrats

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