The final days of Europe

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  1. briand75 says:

    My only beef is – these aren’t all refugees. I think migrants is the better term. This many people fleeing ISIS and government chaos and war to Europe will probably negate the culture and language in most of Europe. This reminds me of the emigration of the Jews in the 1930’s from Europe prior to Hitler’s “final solution”. I don’t know that Syrians do or do not possess the ability to enhance the cultures of Europe or the U.S., but we will find out.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      If I lived in Syria with three major sides of a multi-decade civil war, the Americans killing people remotely with drones and bombs and now the Russians sending in heavy duty weapons and troops, I’d look for another place to raise my family.

      • Art Stone says:

        I have nothing to back this up, but I suspect Russia is facilitating the Exodus. Not all weapons used in war are made of metal and gunpowder. Iran and Russia have common interests and Putin is not going to repeat his mistake in Libya of letting the U.S. gain UN approval for overthrowing the leader of a sovereign country. If we keep pressuring China, the world might start spinning on a different Axis. Did President Obama play golf today?

  2. Art Stone says:

    The European Union was based on an unrealistic idea – that with another layer of government above the nation state, conflict between countries in Europe would end. The language, cultural and historical grudges would go away and a common currency and powerful central government would fulfill John Lenon’s dream of a world without a reason to die for.

    A key part of this dream was tearing down borders between countries, so people could travel freely within Europe without having to pass through checkpoints and have passports and visas within the EU.

    While this is a serious provocation, it is far from a worst case scenario, like say if Turkey sent troops into Greece. The first step in the failure of the EU was the rejection of the European Constitution by France, but after they had given up their individual currencies, but not their ability to deficit spend each other’s wealth (Greece)

    So with this significant but relatively modest provocation, Germany’s instinct was to throw up “temporary” border checkpoints in violation of the agreement of the EU, which was once one country accepts an immigrant, they are free to roam through all of Europe. France reacted similarly to Romanian gypsies crossing over their borders

  3. Art Stone says:

    The picture in the story of the policeman keeping the refugees / immigrants / invaders on the train is symbolic of the big picture of Europe. The “policeman” is a morbidly obese middle aged man tasked to hold back a group of young healthy strong men and women from Syria. It will not be long before the new arrivals realize if they overwhelm him, there is nobody to stop them.

    This is as old as civilization and going to happen here, too. As civilizations prosper and grow rich, the adults celebrate their abundance and easy life, and stop having children. The Germans (and most of Europe) have convinced themselves that having children is a burden on Mother Earth, and without a “commandment from God” to be fruitful and multiply, and with gender equality and dissipation of marriage, replaced by the socialist welfare state – women stop being “baby making machines” and men are pushed aside as being as useful as a bicycle for a frog.

    This misguided sense of morality doesn’t apply in less developed countries where having many children is not only expected but perceived as necessary for survival of their culture. You deciding not to have children because you love polar bears does not stop other people from having children. After a generation or two, your culture will not have the capacity to resist its destruction. By the time you realize you have no credible defense to invasion, it’s way too late. You can’t grow a loyal soldier to defend your culture in less than 20 years.

    The Moors learned this on the Iberian peninsula. The Germanic tribes spreading Southward from the North were accepted and tolerated with their Christian religion. Over several hundred years, the migration and high birth rates resulted in the tolerant Moors being exterminated by 1492. The irony is the Moors adopting ideas from Greece and incorporating their knowledge and preserving their writings is the only reason that much of “western civilization” survived the Dark Ages and the Roman destruction of Constantinople.

  4. Parrott says:

    Yep, I think you are right Art.
    Interesting part, I think, most those people are younger , like you mentioned and some females with a few kids around. But most were men. Most were muslim and yet the want to migrate to a ‘Christian’ country. They don’t like Christians? right.
    Yeah something just isn’t right. They sure don’t want to go to Iran, Iraq Turkey, or Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yeman or Ethiopia. Hell I wouldn’t want to go to a theocracy either, but most their kinfolk live in those.
    Yeah something is up,

    • Art Stone says:

      Saudi Arabia apparently has erected 1000s of tents for refugees that are empty. Perhaps the Syrians don’t trust the Saudi Royal family.

      The Saudis are worried that the 8 million or so Muslims making their pilgrimage to Mecca are at high risk of spreading communicable diseases like MERS around the world, and are discouraging visitors this year.

      The crane being operated by the Bin Laden family crashing into the most holy place in the world for Muslims on September 11th caused by a sudden freak storm was undoubtedly just an isolated coincidence, not like it was an Act of God…

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