Oil isn’t the only thing the United States has more than it needs.

When did “Non-fat dry milk powder + milk fat = cream” start?

Every brand of ice cream at the grocery store (except the one I bought) listed non-fat + milk fat (and presumably chlorinated water from a city water system). It always tastes horrible, no matter how many pieces of cocoa colored emulsified vegetable oil chunks they add. Add in the ever shrinking “half gallon” or the “churned dairy product” that probably was made with powdered milk imported from Asia. I’m shocked that we are drowning in milk again, ready for someone running for President to propose another round of federal subsidies to pay farmers to kill their dairy cattle. Dairy cattle are not used for beef for human consumption. The price of dog food might go down, but not likely.

The last gallon of milk I bought at the “W” supermarket was definitely odd. Either it was two percent milk mislabeled as regular or some kind of sterile reconstituted milk. Just a bit of trivia about milk in case you think “real” milk is “natural”.

The milk fat is separated out, and the difference between regular(3.25%), 2%, skim and non-fat is they just tweak how much fat is added back in before bottling. If the 2% milk was accidentally 2.1% because Elsie the cow was in a generous moood, heads would roll!

The supermarket I went to today “B-L”) had their milk labeled as “Gluten Free”. Shocking!

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  1. Parrott says:

    I’ll take Bi-Lo for $500 Alex !


  2. Art Stone says:

    In a totally unrelated piece of Southern history, Condensed milk was very important in the South. Much of the South did not have electricity and milk spoils quickly – so to drink milk, you either lived in a city or you lived close to a dairy farm and drank raw milk. Ice delivery was not practical in rural areas.

    So condensed milk in a can was a safe alternative. Being canned and sterilized, it required no refrigeration until opened. Many “southern food” items had condensed milk as a way to get milk into the diet without needing refrigeration.

    In the 1970s, Borden still had an active canning factory a few miles away, which supported the incomes of small dairy herds nearby. That plant and the local Quality Chekd dairy are long gone as well as the Biltmore Dairy Farm. Move over, Dean Foods from Chicago (aka Pet Dairy) is in charge now

  3. I always look for the stuff labeled “ice cream” rather than “frozen dairy product” but your post, Art, is making me think that’s something of a distinction without a difference.

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