My Presidential Obamacare Veto Speech to the nation

(After the House adopts the Senate version)

[roll TelePrompTer]

Good Evening fellow Americans and Republicans,

The Republican controlled House and Senate have placed on my desk a Repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which I believe has been the most important thing done during my administration. [why it is important, blah blah blah]

I believe in Democracy and I do hear the voices of those that want to strip away health coverage from the weakest and most defenseless in our society. I don’t believe those voices represent the majority of Americans.

I will never agree to a repeal of the affordable care act, but neither will I oppose the majority of Americans that Republicans believe they represent.

The process for putting bills into law gives me 4 options. I can sign the repeal, which I will not do. I could veto the bill and the repeal won’t happen – but I won’t do that either.

If I do nothing, after 10 days, the repeal becomes law without my signature, leaving Republicans completely responsible for the consequences. If we break our word with Health Insurance providers, they assure me all individual policies for 2016 will be cancelled immediately as the US government will have breached our contract with them to cover their underwriting losses.

The fourth option is called a pocket veto. If I do not sign the repeal and Congress adjourns in less than 10 days, The bill does not become law. Republicans will essentially veto their own repeal bill.

So my fellow Americans [and supporters in the Media]. It is time to tell Congress your opinion, either for or against. The only situation in which I will sign a veto is if the Republican leadership asks publicly that I veto their repeal bill. The responsibility is entirely theirs.

Good Night America, and may God protect the children and the helpless…

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9 Responses to My Presidential Obamacare Veto Speech to the nation

  1. Rick.Blibit says:

    An market held in any direction “artificially” by power hungry fools to purchase votes and power via other means (political pay offs, etc.), will eventually fail, and if the market is large enough, it will fail MISERABLY. The supposed task of central banks to supply “just enough” cash to keep proper liquidity as the market breaths (and they expand and contract all the time when we spend, eat, crap and buy expensive i-phones), but when these “banks” buy too much toilet paper at fine linen prices (from corrupt governments), at some point ALL WE WILL HAVE LEFT is toilet paper… and the stuff it usually wipes off. Most of us see that this is a well planned event, and when the BIG CRASH happens, and the little leftist pinheads get hungry and begin screaming “help us, government” – “Help us… our money buys no food, our EBT cards are no longer accepted for drugs, alcohol, and sex! THEY ARE WORTHLESS… PEOPLE ARE RIOTING IN THE STREETS!!! Help us!” — And they WILL let them RIOT. At this point, amongst all the mayhem (it is the ONLY thing you will see on the news – 24/7), the 25 specially crafted, heavily armed, SWAT TEAMs said to be under the control of “harmless” agencies like The Dept. of Education, the EPA, DOE, Dept, of Agr., and two dozen other “harmless” departments of the Executive branch, will swing into action and amidst all the mayhem, they will ELIMINATE what is left of their true political enemies. SOME SERIOUS ADVICE: That would a real good time for you to DISAPPEAR if anyone has ever called or label you a “Constitutional Conservative” – “Tea Party Member” – “Advocate of Smaller Government” – etc. etc. Yes, this is just some friendly advice. Even if you have to live in a Motel-6 for 60 to 90 days under the name of John Doe, Democrat Precinct Worker and leave recent issues of Mother Jones in front of your door. Just do it. At that point. We all lose. Game over.

  2. haiti222 says:

    I think you idea that he accept the repeal is a smart one from a tactical point of view, but I also think that if the Republicans called his bluff, he would not want the blow to his reputation as a President.
    Yeah, I noticed that Greyhound has added ID requirements. They are still sometimes the best way to get to NY or Toronto from Detroit, if you are not driving. Just like the Post Office and packages, Amtrak seems to think a credit card is good enough for ID (i.e. you buy online and that is sufficient in many cases).

  3. haiti222 says:

    I didn’t think of that, but yes. I read this earlier in the week. Part 3 touches on how Chinese from a certain province in China have created a network of job, transportation, etc. for their own in the U.S. while making lots of money and keeping Chinatown in NYC a better place.

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