All News WTOP topples CBS’s WNEW-FM

CBS radio has given up trying to compete with Hubbard Radio’s WTOP in the Washington DC market. When CBS acquired the FM station from Family Broadcasting at 107.9, that freed up the 99.1 frequency to become an all news station in the nation’s capital.

But WNEW had a few problems – first it is CBS News. The transmitter signal can’t compare to WTOP’s network of AM and FM repeaters. CBS also tried to operate on a shoestring budget, while WTOP is the 2nd top grossing station in the country at $63.9 million.

So WNEW has given up – it has been replaced by Bloomberg’s nanny state radio, lecturing American on how stupid an idea freedom is.

StationCity2014 Revenue
WTOP AM/FMWashington DC$63.58.2Not CBS
WCBS-AMNew York$49.22.6
WINS-AMNew York$41.03.4
KCBS-AMSan Francisco6.0#1 rank
WBBM AMChicago$39.27.0#1 - Was on FM briefly
KNX-AMLos Angeles2.9No hablo ingles
KRLD-AMDallas Fort Worth1.75AM-8PM only
KYW-AMPhiladekphia4.7City in economic decline

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4 Responses to All News WTOP topples CBS’s WNEW-FM

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Jerry del Colliano is floating the rumor that this won’t be the only all news station that gets the plug pulled

    List of suspects above

    It’s important to consider that some of that revenue can be from other CBS and Viacom entities

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    History repeats itself. Back in the 70s, CBS owned and operated WCAU-AM 1210 in Philadelphia switched from talk radio to all news in an attempt to compete with Westinghouse / Group W all news station KYW-AM 1060 (one of the few K stations east of the Mississippi). As a result, classical music (from memory) station on 96.5 FM switched to become the nation’s first 24 hour talk station on FM, WWDB.

    CBS quickly realized its mistake and switched back to talk radio, but when they did, they no longer had the market to themselves… in fact, they were competing with many of the most popular talk radio hosts that had worked for them earlier.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    It’s risky, but it seems odd that WINS and WCBS compete with each other. Why not combine the staffs and rebrand it as “New York’s All News Statiom” and make it a simulcast? Note that the revenue doesn’t correlate with the ratings, leading me to believe WCBS-AM derives make believe internal revenue for WCBS-TV ads

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      WINS and WCBS are both all news, but not the same. WCBS has been like the legacy CNN and WINS like the legacy CNN Headline News, in other words, WINS had far fewer news stories and much more repetition. Last I checked (years ago) they did coordinate so that they had traffic, weather and sports at different times, so if you were in a traffic jam, you would know which of the two would have the next traffic alert.

      Keep in mind, these are both 50 kw stations and this is a bigger market than most people outside the area realize- within 150 miles of NYC live 36.2 million people, approximately 12% of the entire US population.

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