Rusty Humphries returns to “real” radio

Last year, there were a couple related news stories. USA Radio Network essentially died. It was bought by a NC based religious broadcaster who couldn’t make it work, and then was sold to a company that monetizes web clicks.

Rusty signed on to be their VP of programming – it would not shock me if he is doing it for free. WCGO is a failing AM radio station in Evanston Illinois, a suburb just North of Chicago. You might remember that last year Milt Rosenburg landed there after his long career at WGN. His show ended in November due to lack of sponsors. The main programming on the station has been Korean Christian broadcasts and Assyrian music. Few people in Chicago even know the station exists.

The company Rusty is working for has arranged to lease the radio station (called an LMA in the jargon of the Radio Biz). VP of programming Rusty Humphries has hired his first on air talent – Rusty Humphries. His new show will be from 2-5 Central time (3-5 ET).

I haven’t heard anything about a resumption of syndication. I’m confident Rusty doesn’t know a thing about Chicago and equally confident Chinese residents of Evanston don’t care that a guy living in Oregon? Atlanta? Is still hunting for Barack Obama’s birth certificate to start impeachment.

Sounds like a win win deal to me!

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2 Responses to Rusty Humphries returns to “real” radio

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Wow. Its like you turned a “trouble ticket” into a “remedy ticket”. 😉

  2. Parrott says:

    LOL Rusty and his Chinese friends.

    There is a stupid cumulus station up in Christiansburg VA, not mentioning any names, but their initials are WFNR.
    They had Cigar Dave on Saturdays 3pm to 5pm and then Dave Ramsey. They took Cigar Dave off and put some dumass real estate show on. Freaks. Real estate is done. There are to many houses now. Baby boomers will be following David Bowie and Grizzly Adams in more numbers. Another housing bubble, and this real estate show sounded like a dam infomercial or something telling how to buy with pennies on the dollar.
    How to run a radio station into the ground in three easy steps by cumulus.
    1) Run PSA’s all the time, because you couldn’t sell a real ad if your life depended on it because you got rid of the local staff.
    2) Have Dave Ramsey on all the time except when Rush Limbaugh is on.
    3) don’t have any news at the top of the hour just run PSA’s for 8 minutes.



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