Emerson College declares Dewey to defeat Truman!

If you have a child attending Emerson College in Boston, demand your money back.

The New York primary poll seemed really wrong. In a very liberal state, they show Kasich only having 1% support in a state that wants nothing to do with Cruz.

Poll information

The poll was done only using LAND LINES with voice response units. Something like half of the “respondents” didn’t answer the questions… Probably hung up. Reputable polls that dial out to landlines choose a random voter in the household, not the person who answers the phone. Very few people answer landlines any more – those who do are not typical of the population as a whole. 10% of people who answered the land line said they don’t have a land line.

This poll is rubbish. I’m reverting to an older poll.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    A real polling organization today shows Trump / Kasich / Cruz at 50 / 24 / 16 which is much more intuitive.

    Kasich may win in Wisconsin, which would make things even more interesting, and an open convention more likely.

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