Bernie wins Utah by 80%, Idaho by 78%

Hillary got some ‘splaining to do… Sanders won in Idaho by 78% in a true caucus where people show up in a room and give speeches to convince the group who should be supported.

Arizona went for Hillary but by a smaller margin than the most recent poll.

Former President Clinton “stepped in it” the other day by suggesting that Hillary “can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us”. To recap, President Obama has been President for a bit over 7 years, the Democrats controlled the House for the first two years and the Senate for the first six years, and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for the first four years.

Hillary Clinton is appealing (successfully so far) to black Americans on the notion that Hillary is going to be the first black woman President, creating the third term of the Obama administration. To have her husband repudiate the Barack Obama administration publicly might really overturn the apple cart. Idaho, Utah and Arizona are not filled with black voters – an observation on a blog points out that Sanders has won every state where the Democratic Party is mostly white.

Clinton spokespeople tried to explain away the remark as Bill was talking about the Republicans. The Republicans have not been the force behind any law that Barack Obama has signed, with the possible exception of the TPP, but that was Obama’s initiative. Hillary supported the TPP as Secretary of State, but then opposed it when it passed and now she isn’t sure about it.

Unless the super delegates are cut loose and shift to Sanders, it’s too late. Other than Oakland and South LA, California is much less black than the country (7%) and increasingly Mexican. There is no recent poll on California, but the old ones show Hillary with a modest lead and a huge undecided vote. Sanders might win 400 delegates in California, with its legacy of low coast public universities, but it won’t matter unless the people in charge of the Democratic Party decide they should elect the first Jewish non-Zionist President.

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5 Responses to Bernie wins Utah by 80%, Idaho by 78%

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Chelsea has since chimed in with the observation that Obamacare is way too expensive.

    Has anyone noticed she has Web Hubbell’s lips?

    • Parrott says:

      >”Has anyone noticed she has Web Hubbell’s lips?”<

      Hell yeah! she don't look like Bill. Chris Plante says if she does a DNA test it would clearly show that. That guy that shows up on A. Jones every now and then, Larry Nichols said that the same thing. He use to be in the clinton entourage, back in the 80's.
      he would know.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Rumor is that Bill had his vas deferens snipped. There might even be a turkey baster involved. It’s interesting if any of this is true that Hillary headed the Children’s defense fund.

        Children aren’t responsible for choosing their parents – until they do.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Bernie won Washington State with 72% and Alaska by 80% , but will be lucky to get half the delegates

  3. Parrott says:

    wooo hooo Get a Shot if you have the ‘Bern’ !

    X man Logo will be the Bern Logo, Like the Obo farm logo, Madonna endorses Bern
    She has the Bern.
    Needs a shot

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