Glenn Beck’s fundamental misunderstanding of his religion

Mormons have no problem with Socialism.

While Mormons are conservative on family issues and personal conduct (no booze, smoking, or even caffeine), the way they live – especially those of the polygamy branches – are about a community of large families who look out for and help each other.

Glenn had his first big confrontation with his Bishop in Connecticut when Beck portrayed the notion that “Social Justice” is another way of saying “communist” and anyone preaching Social Justice is therefore his enemy. Social Justice is an integral part of the Mormon religion.

Deseret News is a newspaper owned by the Church of Latter Day Saints. This isn’t anything less than the church officially condemning Glenn Beck.

Tomorrow, Utah is going to select Bernie Sanders for the Democrats and Kasich will have a strong showing behind Ted Cruz. While Utah is dominated by Mormons, the denomination has a large following around the country and the world. As young men and women, they are required to do missionary work, many of them living outside the United States. Mormons are not xenophobic isolationists.

Back during the Depression, Utah was in desperate shape and many (but not all) prominent members supported FDR and the New Deal. For you Alex Jones types, you will enjoy this story

One of the people on President Obama’s flight to Cuba is Arne Sorenson, the CEO of Marriott

Marriott is owned by the Mormon Church and opposed the Defense of Marriage Act.

The Mormon Church is solidly behind Comprehensive Immigration Reform

If Glenn Beck winds up with blood on his hands if Ted Cruz loses, it will be coming from his wrists.

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13 Responses to Glenn Beck’s fundamental misunderstanding of his religion

  1. Frank says:

    Well, that explains Harry Reid.

  2. Parrott says:

    >” Glenn Beck at Cruz Rally in Utah: Southern Evangelicals ‘Are Not Listening to Their God’
    by Rebecca Mansour 22 Mar 2016
    At a rally for GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz in Utah on Saturday, Glenn Beck chastised Southern Evangelical Christians for not supporting Cruz. “All throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God,” he said.
    Beck, a Mormon convert, encouraged the largely Mormon audience in Utah to support Cruz in Tuesday’s election by appealing to their shared faith.”<

    Uh, Becks gone bye bye.

  3. briand75 says:

    Fred – no remorse for Beck. He is his own worst enemy. The sad part is that there are human beings who are riding that same bus over the cliff.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I don’t look forward to the inevitable Beck / Cruz breakup.

      Savage last night seemed not quite so committed to Trump. Maybe it is sinking in that Kasich is the only candidate that can win in November against Clinton and not even he can beat Sanders.

      When the fact that Bernie can win sinks in at the DNC, expect the indictment. If “the powers that be” tell the Superdelegates to switch sides, Bernie is still within range. However, Bernie did not go to AIPAC. He does not share their agenda in the Middle East. He is good with Obama’s Iran deal and wants a negotiated solution. Bernie could pick up a lot of the Trump voters, but I don’t think Jewish Democrats will allow Bernie to be nominated.

      What if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and picks Sanders for VP? Hell would have a blizzard

      • Parrott says:

        >”I don’t look forward to the inevitable Beck / Cruz breakup.”<

        I have my popcorn. You know it's going to happen. He has a track record. I heard that interview he did on that nice lady that was running for governor of Texas, and torpedoed her.
        He was mean to her.
        Yeah, he got his cash bought his farm, down in Crawford Texas now he thinks he is a cowboy. I think I even heard an advertisement for Henry rifles on his show one day.
        I'm just glad he didn't buy a Dodge Ram truck.
        If Trump picks 'the bern' for VP. I will eat my hat

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Hats can be useful in a blizzard.

          My slight sympathy is for Cruz, not Beck – but then again Cruz decided to hitch his wagon to Beck’s star.

          A guest on John Batchelor confirmed my suspicion that the TEA party is working very hard to get their people inside Quicken Arena, even though they are committed to vote for Trump on the first ballot. Kasich doesn’t have the national organization and Trump has no organization. Because Cruz got > 50% in Utah, the state became “winner take all”, costing Trump about another 13 delegates. California is looming bigger and bigger as the decider.

          • Parrott says:

            >,,,” Cruz decided to hitch his wagon to Beck’s star.”<
            Yeah wonder why he did that ? Beck is unstable at best. I will call WFIR Monday and ask them to pick up Chris Plante. I had sent them a email message. I don't know why that Looney 'Cumolost' station in Blacksburg VA wfnr, keeps playing dave ramsey reruns for three hours in the mornings, they could pick up Plante 'Live' and kick all the other radio stations arse.
            But Blacksburg is 'Lib-ville' like Madison Wisconsin or Boulder CO. They would fit in NOVA like a glove !
            Have a good one !

          • Fred Stiening says:

            WSJ has a story about how the Cruz folks are working the system in Lousiana to stack the deck for a second ballot win by Cruz. My sense though it is Romney and the establishment drones doing this work. The objective is to keep Trump from winning then kick Cruz off the island. I don’t believe the Establishment will allow Cruz to be the nominee. He’ll lose in November. So look for the old switcheroo.

  4. lasong says:

    Seems like Beck has invested so much in his elect Ted Cruz crusade that he is liable to have another meltdown when Cruz loses.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      This is going to seem unfair and overbroad, but why stop now…

      When I was a teenager in the early 1970s, I worked at a resort hotel / restaurant in a community in western New York for the summer. My sister and her fellow workers dreaded the week of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) convention. They knew from past experience that the dining room would be thick with cigarette smoke and demands for cup after cup of coffee.

      Glenn has been open that he was a scumbag when he was a DJ in New Haven Connecticut. I was living within range of the station but don’t listen to music. After he hit bottom with his drug addiction and met his Mormon Wife and Came to Jesus, he initially showed on WELI-AM when he was signed by Premiere for the syndicated network show. He was well known and hated by the people who worked in the same studio cluster.

      People with addictions or addictive personalities tend to just replace one addiction with another (hopefully less destructive) addiction. But that need to keep pushing the dosage up and up until there is a crisis doesn’t change.

      A few years Beck got to the point where he was demanding that Real Conservatives needed to show they were part of Glenn’s Army of God by wearing Israeli lapel pins – and that people who didn’t join his 10% Army of God needed to be destroyed. He went to Israel preparing for the end of the world which he believed Mormon prophecy picked him to trigger. That’s the point at which I stopped caring about Beck or his show.

  5. briand75 says:

    I have a few friends who committed to their altruistic view of Mormon – only to find that reality was a far cry from that vision.

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