Crossing the Brexit when you come to it

Donald Trump may be a chess player. There was a little news item today. Donald Trump will be visiting his Golf course in Scotland on June 24th, the morning after the British people vote on whether to leave the Euroean Union.

Guardian story

With the probability of Trump being the next President creeping up to 35%, there is no bluster any more from Prime Minister Cameron. A Donald Trump victory could have profound effects on the economic and military relationship between our countries. England would still like to believe it rules the world, but when Europe decided to knock off the country of Libya, France and England could barely get any planes in the air – Norway ended up doing much of the work using their American planes.

I sure hope Trump demands the travel ban against Michael Savage gets lifted.

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2 Responses to Crossing the Brexit when you come to it

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Tomorrow will be interesting. It’s becoming clearer that Trump will not be playing ball with the RNC donors. Nothing makes a pimp more angry than a woman who thinks she has free will.

    I almost puked this morning hearing Hugh Hewitt “interviewing” Donald Trump. He must think Trump forgot how Hewitt tried to derail Trump at the debate. Word is Trump has a long memory about loyalty.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Prior to the vote today the US media was blaming Trump for spending time away from the campaign by going to the UK for “company business”. They laughed showing pictures of antagonizes flying Mexican flags near Trump’s Scotland golf course:

    Now just after 11 pm ET, FoxNews is showing an expert predicting the final will be 52% Leave, 48% remain.

    CNN is interviewing a politico expert that says “irrational fears” caused middle class (the victims of QE’s asset price rises widen the separation between them and the wealthy asset owners) to vote against for separation and to support Trump. (The first connection between Brexit and Trump I had seen on the mainstream media. )

    What a coincidence that The Donald is in the UK and Obama had campaigned for Remain.

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