You is no Huey Long

Gavin Long was the shooter who killed three policemen in Baton Rouge, the state capital of Lousiana, which is where many survivors from Hurricane Katrina relocated. Gavin Long is not from Louisiana – he lived in Kansas City, Missouri and rented a car for his one way trip. I really doubt he was a relative of Democratic Party icon Huey “Kingfish” Long, but people with long memories in Baton Rouge would get the reference right away.

When the shooting of the police officers in Dallas happened, I made the observation that the shooter was an angry black man who had served in Afghanistan in the Army who exhibited combat techniques that were those that people are taught in the Military. He was assigned to a unit involved in construction at forward operating bases. I cautioned that the country has millions of black veterans who have served in the recent wars in the Middle East (albeit as volunteers) who have the training and ability to cause serious damage. I pointed out that the DC Sniper was also a black veteran.

Gavin Long was a 5 year veteran of the Marines. While he said his attack should not be blamed on any group, he clearly was a black Muslim.

Note the pictures behind him – the image is reversed. Here is the flipped version


The story mentions he made “pit stops” at barber shops in Houston and Dallas. Barber shops are the center of black male social life in the black community. He clearly didn’t drop in to get a haircut and Houston and Dallas are not on the way to Baton Rouge.


My prior post elicited an angry comment that you never saw, essentially calling me an idiot for not knowing the shooter wasn’t in the Infantry. I knew that when I wrote it. You may be a carpenter in theory, but when the attacks start on the isolated base in Afghanistan, you learn quickly if you want to stay alive. After being discharged for sniffing panties, he went on to write about combat tactics. Even without formal training, his knowledge of combat tactics would continue to evolve if he was spending time with fellow angry ex veterans inside the Nation of Islam preparing for war.

President Obama is unwilling to call a spade a spade. He seems to realize that calling for gun control is counter productive, but he still has the tone of moral equivalency. He will not single out black men and speak to them directly and say “stop it – now”. These shooters are the relatively sane members of the Nation of Islam. For decades, the NOI has been recruiting and organizing members inside the nation’s prisons, which are overflowing with a million angry black men.

The middle poster is for a 1973 film starring Richard Pryor about an ex-con whose brother is in the black nationalist movement.

The statue on the desk is obviously a black Nubian, a key part of the NOI doctrine that Egypt was built by black Africans and the Greeks stole the knowledge of black people, Jesus was a black man (along with Santa Claus) and the Jews in Israel are “fake Jews”. Note again that even if all that as true, black Americans are not descendants of East Africans and didn’t speak Swahili. Black people from Africa do not all look alike, nor share anything beyond having dark skins.

Donald Trump has gotten no love from the Black community since the day he started his campaign and has no expectation of support from the Communisty. Keep an eye on what Trump says and Obama’s reaction. Trump clearly is on the Alex Jones page of political reality, and Jones says Obama is deliberately inciting a race war to justify imposing martial Law to cancel the election, followed by UN intervention to take away white people’s guns. Mitch McConnell probably doesn’t believe that.

This week in Cleveland will not be dull. Commenters on the Washington Post are already calling for martial law to prevent open carry of guns near the convention and hoping to recreate the Kent State shootings at the hands of the Ohio National Guard. The snowflakes are about to get a real education.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    To beat a dead horse, here is a useful explanation of how Europeans have a very inaccurate understanding of African history and culture

    Restating my basic point:

    “We Africans don’t call ourselves Africans but by the name of the different ethnics groups or tribes : Woloffs, Lebous, Susus, Malinkés, Bambara, Khassonkhé, Yoroubas, Ibos, Mossis, Diolas, Mandiaks etc, etc.

    And we can recognise each other just by a look…”

    The people in Senegal knew Obama was not one of them, but there was no reason to point that out

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Single best quote ever for defining tax “reform”:

    ”Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that man behind the tree.” – Louisiana Senator Russell B. Long (son of Huey Long)

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