Dueling Cameras

This is a bit confusing, but educational

There was an event last night called “Gays for Trump”, organized by Milo Yiannopoulos, who works for Breitbart. He is quite the rabble rouser going to college campuses and provoking the free speech fascists to try to shut him down, being a gay Conservative. A few college administrators have already lost their jobs for the mere crime of letting him speak on campus and invading the safe space. Twitter just permanently banned him.

So the Daily Show had set up cameras at the exit of the event to try to “interview” gay people coming out of the event. The Breitbart editor knows how this game works – if anyone is foolish enough to talk to them, they’ll edit down the interview to make the gay Trump supporter look like an idiot.

So the Brietbart producer starts filming the Daily Show filming with the intent of recording what they are recording to have a complete video in case they edit out stuff. When the daily show realizes they are being ambushed while they are ambushing, the hilarity begins.

*** Trigger Warning ***

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