RNC Convention – Day 3

Did Ted Cruz just give his speech without saying Donald Trump’s name?

I didn’t see the whole thing – I was catching up on sleep from Monday. I noticed that the Arena was full up to the rafters. Armstrong and Getty mentioned this morning that passes were being handed out. Now that Trump is the nominee and the opportunity to disrupt that process is past, it makes sense. But if the place is empty tomorrow when Trump speaks, that would be a problem

Near the end of the speech, the video systems started breaking, and failed completely when Trump’s son came out. The place didn’t seem to lose power – it looked more like a DDoS attack from outside, although it might have originated within the arena.

With Pence speaking, it looks like much of the crowd left, and I don’t see the Texas delegation on the main floor. When will General Trump realize there are no troops behind him?

The Wall Street Journal is really starting to unload on Trump. #nevertrump means never.

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  1. Lost in the shuffle but to answer your initial question Fred, in his speech Cruz congratulated Trump by name for winning the nomination.

  2. WesternMA says:

    I’m having a little trouble following your logic…Trump withdrawing? I don’t think that fits his character and would be bad PR for his future business dealings; he would be seen as a spoiler supporting Hillary.
    BTW…I agree with your characterization of Newt as a college professor, but I was hoping that he would be the VP pick. I really admire and respect that man and hope he has a prominent position in the Trump administration.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Was able to find the complete video. Laura Ingraham did an excellent job warming up the crowd. Her emotions came across as genuine and her message was clear.

    Newt did the best he could with the situation. Given his own unhappiness with being passed for VP, he made a valiant attempt to smooth over the Cruz mess. He and the campaign manager worked that out while the Trump children video was playing. My admiration for Newt has not changed, but I’m also a realist. Most of America wants a rock star, Newt is a college professor who doesn’t grease his social interactions. He just says bluntly what he thinks. He’s run out of time. Trump may well make him chief of staff or budget director, working behind the scenes.

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    Here is a good “what if” description if Trump withdraws


    The answer seems to be that the RNC (3.members per state) would assemble to choose the nominee. A majority of the 150 votes would have to agree. Texas, California and Montana would have equal influence. If Trump declines the nomination, he would probably tell the RNC so they could meet on Thursday to decide and announce the decision before the convention adjourns. I know my neck is way out there.

    Trump has a huge ego, but I’m counting on him to be a realist. Other than Newt, Christie and Pence, he seems to have no allies. He wont’t throw good money after bad if he is rational.

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    So Bloomberg (who are very #nevertrump) reports that Cruz told Trump two days ago that there would be no endorsement (Lyin’ Ted breaks his promise). They had Cruz’s speech for two days and let him give it as he wanted, building a platform for Cruz to run in 2020. Having the entire convention booing you is not a good start. Apparently Marco Rubio was only slightly closer to an endorsement. Ben Carson is the only former competitor who showed up and gave a rousing endorsement. Trump will reward him for that.

    Should Trump withdraw on Thursday (or later), Cruz probably burned any chance to be his replacement. I don’t know if Pence automatically becomes the nominee or the RNC decides. No matter what, the primary season is over. No “do over”.

    Trump has a rally planned on Friday, outside of the Convention’s jurisdiction. If Trump does the “Screw you” on Thursday, Friday would be the launch of whatever he intends to do.

    Rather than a TelePrompTer on the podium, speakers are using a huge Jumbotron at the back of the floor. If Trump goes “off script”, it won’t be loaded and he will ad lib. Priebus is the key here – Priebus has a huge maturity gap. My gaydar meter is pegged. He was chosen by the RNC itself with 3 votes per states, but not on the first ballot. If Trump is wants to quit, Preibus is way out on a limb having defended the process.

    The good news is the election is November 8th. There is time to fix this, but not a lot. Each state has a deadline by which the state party has to submit the name on the ballot in time for sending out absentee ballots.

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