Dr Joy Browne dead at age 71

Radio Psychologist Joy Browne left her body on Saturday, according to her sister.

Radio Ink Story

Dr Browne was the polar opposite of Dr Laura.   Joy Browne embraced that all women are victims, that the caller was always telling her the truth, Republicans are evil, and there are no reasons to conform your behavior to what others want.   Dr Laura always assumed her callers were responsible for their problems and her role was to kick them in the butt to realize blaming other people and talking to psychologists for the rest of your life solves nothing.

Joy Browne was syndicated by the WOR radio network, based in New York.  When old man Rick Buckley died in 2011, the children could not bail out of the radio business fast enough, selling WOR to Clear Channel and dismantling the feeble syndication operation.  That left Dr Browne stranded.  In recent times, her show devolved into her political rants and mostly her just talking to her producer about Joy Browne’s personal life.  Having a callin show is hard to do with no affiliates carrying the show live.

I’m starting to notice a pattern.  Time to cross her off the list.

There is no indication on her blog that she has died.  Apparently she was heard on GCN, which is basically they carry your program for free and do none of the work of affiliate relations or selling advertising.   Her last post was entitled

“Can America Afford to Elect a Crazy President?”

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  1. briand75 says:

    “Crazy President” – I don’t think Hillary is “crazy”, I think she is “criminal” 🙂

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    NY Times finally got around to reporting the news. It was worth the wait to do actual reporting

    The story mentions that Toni Grant died last year, which I had missed
    Grant was syndicated by ABC radio back before the deregulation of radio. She was a radio competitor to NBC Talknet’s Sally Jesse Raphael in the 1980s

  3. Parrott says:

    oLe Joy brown. WFIR Roanoke back in the nineties used to carry her live in the mornings, before Rush at noon. I had a break in between classes I think from 10-11am. like 1992, I think, I had a old Sony walkman variant that was am/fm only, and I would listen to her in the Library sometimes. They were the only talk station around.
    It was the softer side of Parrott.

  4. haiti222 says:

    CKLW loved her as a program that was acceptable in both Windsor and Detroit. They kept her on throughout all of the network changes that she had. RIP Dr Joy Browne.

  5. WesternMA says:

    Thanks for the information on the degradation of Dr. Joy’s show. As a long, long time listener of her show, over the last several years I would tune in occasionally hoping for her previous format of response to callers. But, alas, the show became a list of movie reviews and a lot of talking. I could no longer listen, but never realized what happened.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      There were a few other details – WOR moved its studios. Back when Joey Reynolds did overnights, it was significant that the studio was near Broadway, so musicians and actors could drop by after their shows and have Joey berate them on live radio. They moved somewhere else, probably to save money, and that meant Joy suddenly had to commute to work. At some point, she started doing her show from her house instead of going to the radio station. That significantly changes the dynamics of the show. Almost everyone does it now – the benefits are obvious, except for the audience.

      She initially moved to Radio America, the right wing pro military group in Washington DC. That was a serious mismatch as soon as she wandered into politics. Even her advice wandered into politics via the back door. I remember one call where a woman was having in-law problems with her wife’s family. Joy didn’t bat an eyelash or skip a beat.

      At some point, she switched to GCN, the Alex Jones Conpspiracy radio network. They hand aspiring hosts a list of 100+ affiliates, implying that the stations carry the entire lineup. The list is basically every station that ever carried any GCN program. There are probably only about 5 stations that carry more than one program. A few really low power stations that drop power at sunset switch over to GCN, so people within about 3 blocks may be able to hear it.

      • Parrott says:

        >”GCN, the Alex Jones Conpspiracy radio network.<"

        Figures, I only know of two radio stations that carry Alex against Rush Limbaugh, One was in Mt. Jackson Virginia ( all three hours)
        and that one down in Alcoa TN or Maryville TN, I can't remember exactly.
        Alex was on a station in or near Orlando but the dropped him several years ago, all the others was of hours and parts.
        Heck he isn't carried in Austin 'Live' either, he should work on that .


        • Fred Stiening says:

          Jones is probably the best known GCN talent. That’s kind of the point, that just because a station carries Jones doesn’t mean if you buy a show on GCN that any Alex Jones affiliates will pick it up.

          Here are a list of the other weekday hosts on the network you could have heard of – GCN has six different channels, further diluting the signicance of affiliate counts

          Good Day with Doug Stephan
          America Now with Kate Delaney (competes with Coast to Coast)
          Power Hour with Joyce Riley
          Free Talk Live
          Dr Asa on call
          Katherine Albrecht
          Robert Scott Bell
          Mike Siegel

          Production, distribution, advertising and affiliate relations are distinct functions. I don’t know if GCN is involved in the production of any of those shows.

          If you go to Doug Stephan’s web site and look at the contact page

          Stations wanting to be affiliates or advertise on the show are directed to Doug’s people, not GCN. MMG radio Network seems to have picked up the debris of the WOR radio Network

          • Fred Stiening says:

            Doug Stephan was originally syndicated by “Talk America Radio Network”, which was acquired by IDT in 2002 (you might remember them as a company selling international callback services for cheap international phone calls). That network became the Liberty Broadcasting Network, featuring Neocon Bill Kristol
            Liberty also carried Chuck Harder, Bruce Williams and Lowell Ponte

            IDT’s interest in radio seems to vanish about 2005.

            Doug Stephan knows where all the bodies are buried and has very strong opinions about how radio fell apart and who was responsible.

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