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Informed Delivery

Back in 2001, a 94 year old woman died after being exposed to weaponized anthrax. At the time, the government let out a little secret if you carefully read the accounts. Investigators discovered that the letter to the woman … Continue reading

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Nat Hentoff has died

Wikipedia (May require subscription) I’m not quite sure why I have the impression I’ve heard him on radio. He is one of a vanishing breed – people who think about issues, not just everything is the view of his … Continue reading

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The Department of Truth is not taking over the FCC

Alex Jones has no problem just making stuff up. When he doesn’t understand something, he just creates a theory, then starts embellishing and repeating it. The “Department of Truth” Amendment that Congress just passed and President Obama just signed reorganizes … Continue reading

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2,700 new pages of Medicare rules

Just as Obamacare is imploding, the government has published 2,700 pages of new rules to micromanage doctors, physician assistants and nurse practioners. Everyone knows that Medicare is in trouble – unlike Social Security, there is no trust fund of money … Continue reading

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FDA bans Dial soap

The FDA has announced a ban on most antimicrobial soaps, claiming ordinary soap and water is just as effective. NBC News This issue has been bouncing around the nanny state for quite a while. The FDA’s main point seems to … Continue reading

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My Cheetos are genetically modified

Frito Lay has been made a target by the GMO free lobby. Most corn growing states being solid Republican has absolutely nothing to do with this campaign. Vermont started the demand for GMO labeling and Congress just passed a law … Continue reading

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Bi-Lo – Sweet!

5 12 packs for $11 (North Carolina has no bottle tax, so feel free to throw your grape soda at bicycles)

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The drug culture

Not the illegal drug culture of heroin and cocaine – the “legal” drug culture with Ocycontin and Prosac – legal because a doctor trained in science hands out permission slips for a fee. An example of how out of control … Continue reading

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The latest “active shooter mass killing”

Denver was abuzz yesterday. The original story was a guy had entered the Alliance Center, located across the street from Union Station in downtown. The alliance center is a progressive office building housing a number of different environmental and social … Continue reading

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A small victory

I’ll take them where I can get one… People who have been here a while know my opposition to HFCS in sodas is close to a religious issue. Back when I went to the Bi-Lo supermarket near me, I made … Continue reading

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