“Barack Obama is a Son of a bitch!”

Rhymes with “Barack Obama made me rich!”


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte attracted the ire of the Chicago Community Organizer with his policy of executing drug dealers. There have been about 2,000 “extrajudicial executions” since July 1st. The Phillipines is not a member of the G20, so the original plan was for a meeting in Laos, which President Obama called off, accusing Duterte of human rights violations and chastising him in public, resulting in the “son of a bitch” outburst, or “son of a whore” if you are the BBC.

Australia and Phillipines are in a bind. Both countries are under extreme US pressure to militarily confront China. Looking to next year, neither presidential candidate looks like a reliable partner. Australia, in particular, sees support of the US military position as a lose-lose proposition. China needs the natural resources Australia has. Australia knows it is no match in a fight against China and is beginning to doubt the US capabilities, especially with a two front war if Ukraine or Syria becomes a shooting war. They are not interested in being a trip wire to justify US military intervention. China will be close to Australia until the end of time, and China looks at their role dominating Asia with a very long time frame.

Although he has backed off, President Duterte made his opinion pretty clear. If the US pulls out of the South China Sea, the Phillipines has the most to lose.

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  1. JayMar says:

    They say Duterte is the Trump of the Philippines speaking his mind without measuring the consequences. But he has reduced drug distribution in the islands. Just a few days ago he named names of politicians and judges involved in drug trafficking, within hours almost 1000 of those named surrendered to the police for fear that someone would kill them. I hope he turns now to Abu Sayyaf. These Muslim cancer has been fomenting chaos for many decades and the people are getting fed-up with them.

  2. JayMar says:

    The interesting thing in calling or threatening to call Obama “putang ina” was not far from the truth as Obama’s mother was not the kind of woman you would expect for a Pres of the US.

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