Just when you thought the world would end…

We have a new candidate for how – nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

The Sun

Kashmir is a god awful hellhole. It is disputed territory in between India and Pakistan, keeping in mind that before 1947, Pakistan was part of India. China also thinks part of Kashmir is their land.

Bloomberg background

History of war in Kashmir

Most of the fight is over religion Islam vs Buddhism and Hinduism. At one point the Sikhs ruled the area and killed Muslims for killing cows. Al Quaeda is becoming active, and the US had a drone strike to kill one of their leaders.

But what may be provoking the situation is China is pushing forward in building the “Silk Road”, the ancient trade route from China to the Middle East and beyond. The New Silk Road will be a road and railroads, a worthy endeavor to expand the economy of China and their influence on West Asia. Iran is especially interested in the project. Pakistan is very interested – but the problem is building the New Silk Road (One Belt, One Road) requires building through the disputed area of Kashmir.

India perspective

CFR background

Much of Kashmir is very high altitude and very cold. Most of the year, armies fighting each other is impossible because of the thin atmosphere, remoteness of the area, weather and lack of infrastructure. Just staying alive is a challenge, even with nobody trying to shoot you.

I wonder what the two Presidential candidates think about the New Silk Road…

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