Is Hillary getting blood transfusions?

Back about twenty years ago, I had a friend from being on a condo board who was dying of Leukemia. She and her late husband had owned farm land that was sold to developers. Money was not a significant constraint on her medical care. Every couple weeks she would go get some more blood in order to stay alive.

Olympic™ athletes are banned from getting blood transfusions as they can provide a temporary boost in performance by adding red blood cells that improves the oxygen carrying capacity and offset anemia.

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3 Responses to Is Hillary getting blood transfusions?

  1. Parrott says:

    You Know, I have heard this on several ‘conspiracy’ talk shows.
    Alex Jones or one of his boys with throw this around at least one a week. I have heard it on Hagmann and Hagmann, Dave Hodges show on sunday nights. Hawk has mentioned it before. I haven’t heard it on coast to coast yet ,
    maybe there is something to it? Heck I don’t know, There is a post onaother message that she is going into hiding for 15 days after the last debate, who knows.
    Where is CC, maybe he knows some back channel we should check out to find out for sure?


    • Fred Stiening says:

      Not about Hillary, but I’m pretty sure Chuck Harder used to talk about this. A lot of the blood gathered at blood drives was not to help your neighbor down the street, but was being exported to Asia for a “pick me up” for rich people who lacked meat in their diet.

  2. Parrott says:

    yes, Spaceman thinks so. He says she is getting harder to make presentable to the public and that’s why public appearances are declining.
    He seems to have back channel info from the ‘Cleveland clinic’. But I think he is talking about the clinic in Cleveland Mississippi.

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