“Inner City” Crime – Charlotte

Donald Trump did it again – lumped Charlotte in again with “Urban Inner Cities” with out of control crime. Let’s compare Baltimore and Charlotte. Baltimore City is a little smaller than Charlotte. (heat maps from Trulia)

Baltimore, MD
Charlotte, NC

So what is “up” with the crime in Uptown? A different app gives more detail. See if you can spot any concentration area in uptown (month worth of data). This is distorted a bit because of the “riots”


Notice the red bubble with 20+? It is the 200-300 block of East Trade Street. The main stop on the Light Rail is there, along with all of the bus lines. Public Transportation is not called the “mugger mover” for nothing. The smattering of crimes around uptown are mostly breaking into cars and larceny.

Here is the “main corner” of Trade and Tryon and the old NCNB plaza from Google Earth. The “center of crime” is in the distance

If anything in that picture looks remotely dangerous to you, stay inside and triple bolt your doors. Now it is true, the rest of the State does view Charlotte as the dangerous place (compared to Mayberry). Unfortunately most of that perception is based in racial hatred, pure and simple.

There are a few truly dangerous places in Charlotte. The motels along the interstate highways are very dangerous due to the drug gangs carrying Heroin North up I-85. The University Area where the police shot Mr Scott is also becoming a problem for the same reason. There is an area along South Boulevard that is filling up with Mexicans who recently are terrorizing the black people in the area, exchanging gun fire at night, probably with local black drug dealers. The only area of town I would stay away from even during the day is up by the Amtrak station. There are always groups of listless black men just loitering around on the corners. It’s probably less dangerous than it seems, but I have the sense I would be targeted if they saw my diamond crusted Rolex watch.

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8 Responses to “Inner City” Crime – Charlotte

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    I just learned Web Hubbel lives in Charlotte

  2. Parrott says:

    Killer !
    Chelsea’s dad. Thats cool.
    Never had any issues over in southpark, always went there via Tivola road.
    Over in Matthews, there was a guy over there that use to put plastic covering on the front of your car. He was a Piedmont airlines and US ‘Scare’ pilot, but I think something happened to him, health wise. I always liked listening to his stories while he worked on the car. His wife was nice too
    Even stayed once out near the airport off Billy Graham parkway, seemed ok, (2006)
    Don’t stay much in hotels anymore, unless for work.
    You might see ol’ Web over at jack in the box, LOL

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Tyvola at South Boulevard is now the center of the Mexican community, although there is a smattering of Asians mixed in. A lot of the crime is probably Mexican on Mexican. The DMV office is near there and was part of my introduction to the New South. The Driver’s license office was an even more sketchy place about a mile further South with assorted people loitering in the parking lot, probably selling phony identity documents.

      None of these areas are dangerous by any reasonable standard as long as you aren’t looking to buy drugs or looking for a prostitute at 2 AM.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Woman shot dead in her car during rush hour, very few details yet


    Red arrow is where she was found, the Walmart circled in green is where the looting was, and note the proximity to I-85. Being near the hospital may also be a clue. Gang problems sometimes spill over into emergency rooms.

    Note the experiment here to allow you to put an image in a comment. You already know I will fuss if you post a copyrighted image, but feel free to experiment. I frequently have images to add to an existing post and no easy way to do it. If the image is fuzzy, click it…

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    Westinghouse is moving 500 employees out of Uptown


    That would suck if you own a $400k studio condo in Uptown to avoid commuting

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    Details on officer related shooting a couple days ago

    Gunshots at 2 am at Days Inn at Woodlawn and I-77. Female cop hears gunfire and responds immediately, sees a guy with a gun, draws her weapon and fires because of the “imminent threat”. She shoots him in the leg.


    It turns out he was not the person firing the gun – he was the target of the gunfire. Fortunately, he wasn’t a security guard or a detective working undercover. Firing at people only because they have a gun can turn out badly if you arrive and don’t know the context. This is North Carolina, not New York City. Carrying a gun in public is not a crime.

    So the two men were involved in a dispute. The explanation is there was an attempt at an armed robbery (more likely a drug dispute), the “victim” pulled out his own gun and fired at the “robber”, who then fled. As he was fleeing the parking lot, he was shot by the officer.

    The robber was a convicted felon not allowed to have a gun, and was charged with assault with a gun.

    The “victim” was also arrested for discharging a firearm inside the city limits and outstanding bond release from 2014 for presenting a fake ID and identity theft

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    Female drug dealer shot dead in the afternoon right at the area on North Tryon near the Amtrak station. Homeless shelter + railroad tracks = trouble


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