So the Pussy Riot cost Trump at least 6%

There are three national polls out this morning – they would not yet reflect the “debate” last night – even the tracking polls do not ping every panel member every day. Rasmussen went to +7 for Hillary and 2/3 of the panelists have not been polled since the video broke.

I noted at the time in my comments that Trump was speaking about his campaign in past tense. The only real issue left is how much damage this causes to other Republicans.

State by state polls will take time to make their way through. I’ve said in the past that Trump needs +5% nationally to have a solid win. -7% won’t get it. We are approaching Barry Goldwater loss margins and Donald Trump is no Barry Goldwater.

In 1964, Republicans lost 2 US Senate seats and 37 House seats.

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3 Responses to So the Pussy Riot cost Trump at least 6%

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Updating my estimates, Hillary now has 357 electoral votes, and that is wildly underestimating the damage, because actual polls for individual states don’t include an adjustment for national sentiment – only smaller states that have not been polled yet.

  2. Parrott says:

    Billy Bush suspended from Today show. LOL

    I hope we survive

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