It’s Obamacare day!

No pushing!

As promised, all the insurance companies have dropped out, except Blue Cross/Shield of NC, who amended their request to add 24% increase. Without subsidy, the silver plan has around a $1,200 a month premium. While the “risk corridor” payments are going away (I think), the subsidy seems much higher.

Because NC withdrew from Medicaid expansion, in theory if my income is below about $15k (138% of the poverty level), the subsidy is not available because I am income “poor” but have > $2k in assets, so I am not “asset poor”. Since I am not pregnant and have no minor children, I would not qualify for Medicaid anyhow unless I get declared disabled (probably close to true now). That rule does not seem to be reflected in what the web site is saying about pricing.

$1,200 a month would be roughly what I would have paid for the HIPAA plan I had in Illinois. My YTD medical expenses for 2016 have been $0.00 – eventually that will change.

So I’m “waiting in line” for my turn to actually enroll. If I do nothing, has already said they will automatically reenroll me in a comparable plan to the defunct “gold” United Healthcare plan I have but ignored. Maybe I should get a flu shot or something.

In three weeks, I turn 61, with 1 year until early Social Security and four years left until Medicaid eligibility in the unlikely event the world hasn’t ended by then and the rules don’t change. My sister👻 collected social security for about 9 months before she died.

Repeal and Replace! 😂💸 Trump Trump Trump!

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3 Responses to It’s Obamacare day!

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    So I completed the process – much easier than 2013, although their servers are bogged down a little. NCBCBS has confirmed receipt of my information and should send me a link within 24 hours to pay for the first month premium, which commits BCBS to cover me for the year regardless of what President Trump does in January.

    This year Obamacare juiced up the Silver plans – the silver plan I selected will cover an estimated 87% of the costs, while the gold plan with a +$300 a month premium would only cover 80%. The ACA works in mysterious ways.

  2. Parrott says:

    WTF ? Obama doing a commercial on WMAL during Plante’s show saying to vote for ‘Demoncrats’ for ‘Progress’ .
    LMAO ! More like take you cash and not even kiss you! Bas_ _ _ _ _ !

    Obo is just the lie when he talks.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      If you are listening to a stream, you hear different ads than the over the air listeners. The ads are targeted at each listener based on what the big data databases know about you.

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