Now that’s Rich!

The “correct the record” trolls and much of the media have really latched on to the “Wikileaks got the emails from a Russian Hacker”, overlooking the possibility that the source was a person inside the government with access to the NSA archives.

Hillary going to war with FBI is paying dividends already. The Marc Rich pardon was a really sleazy deal, but the President does have that power as long as it isn’t done in exchange for a bribe.

Mark Rich has since died – he was involved in setting up the Clinton Foundation operation. The FBI responded quietly to a FOIA request for the paperwork the FBI did on Rich as to whether the pardon was appropriate. Bill Clinton ignored the established protocol and signed the pardon while packing up the White House furniture in the U-Haul for the trip to Little Rock.

So if you remember tomorrow, Mark Simone (Currently on WOR in New York) will surely bring this up. While Simone is a Republican in enemy territory, he is very social in New York, and knew Marc Rich personally, creating an awkward situation for him. At the time, Simone worked for WABC, which started streaming very early.

Hillary’s response to this was anger that the FBI didn’t find a way to ignore or delay their response. You may remember Hillary’s State Department had weekly meetings on how to stonewall and ignore FOIA requests.

Will anyone care?

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4 Responses to Now that’s Rich!

  1. briand75 says:

    Those who vote for Hillary have had Botox in their frontal lobes. No amount of facts will ever dissuade them. Normal folks? They should begin to understand that when we say criminal, murderer, thief and thug – we aren’t kidding.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Simone is covering the Miss “piggy” Universe news conference

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