Jon Grayson is done

Jon Grayson was originally doing an overnight show on KMOX in Saint Louis – CBS radio spread the show to its own stations, and then went into wider syndication by Westwood One, now owned by Cumulus Media.

The main competitors in the middle of the night are Coast to Ghost, the Red Eyed trucker network and GCN’s Kate Delaney.

Will the last person leaving radio syndication please turn off the coffee pot…

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3 Responses to Jon Grayson is done

  1. Do you think this trend heralds a return to “live and local” AM radio, the turning off of transmitters, or some other kind of turn?

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Maybe I should create a top 10 radio predictions for 2017

      I wouldn’t touch the CBS IPO with a 10 foot pole. Unless they sell the entire radio business, there is just way too much room for financial hanky panky.

      Clear Channel is apparently playing bankruptcy chicken, preparing to create a default event to see if anyone forces their hand

      The advertiser ratings driven commercial business model is seriously broken. I tried to do some testing overnight and I just can’t deal with the commercial load, even without the bonus prestream ads.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Jon Grayson has now left KMOX. Overnight, KMOX was airing a public service rerun of a woman interviewing the park director about new bocci ball courts or something like that

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