Savage and edelweiss

I wrote about this before, but Savage is off on the German Nazi “edelweiss” thing again.    I can appreciate the pain that his family experienced from the Holocaust, living in New York after his parents fled Russia in the 1920s following the Russian Revolution – but his “history” is just plain wrong.

The movie “The Sound of Music” is the somewhat true story of the von Trapp Family – the movie is where people are mostly likely to have heard of Eidelweiss, but clearly Savage missed the entire point of the movie.  The song itself is not authentic – it was written by Rogers and Hammerstein, but the point of the song in the movie could not be more clear.

Georg von Trapp had served in the submarine service for Austria in World War 1.  He became a national hero to his country – Austria, not Germany.  (Yes, Germany and Austria were allies in WWI, but that has nothing to do with Nazis and Hitler)

When Hitler came to power and annexed Austria, Mr von Trapp refused a commission working for the Nazis.   He was too big of a hero within Austria for Hitler and the SS to just arrest him and put him in prison or kill him for refusing a commission in the German military.

The Edelweiss flower is a symbol of Austrian national unity and resistance to the German occupation.   It was not a “Nazi symbol” as Michael “Savage” Weiner seems to think and keeps repeating over and over.   It was the symbol of the anti-Hitler youth movement, even within Germany

On a personal note, back when I was about 16, I spent the summer working at a cultural resort in Western New York called Chautauqua.   Somehow, I got talked into playing the organ in the dining room for background music in the restaurant my sister worked in.   A lot of the music that I had access to was movie and Broadway songs – including the songs from Sound of Music.

So I’m playing the organ, and not really all the comfortable doing it – and played Edelweiss.   When I had finished playing it, a distinguished looking man sitting near me stood up and started applauding.  Just looking at him, it was clear he was Austrian and about the age for someone who would have lived in Austria during the German occupation.

The rest of the room had no idea why, but they joined in with the applause.   I was somewhat flustered, since I didn’t really understand what was going on, and was trying to be as invisible as possible.

My feelings about Savage are now at “total and complete disgust”.

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  1. Piquerist says:

    ” ‘Thier’ is something there.” God, how I wish we could edit the stoopid out of our posts!!!!!

  2. Piquerist says:

    Despite Savage’s apparent brilliance and insight, he often lurches into spasm of self-righteous grandiosity and just plain nastiness that sends me packing. I can rarely stay with him longer than 15 minutes … and yet, their is something there. Sometimes I have the feeling that this man is very unfulfilled and sad.

    • Art Stone says:

      You are correct. He drops lots of little hints… He’s stuck in a contract with TRN that he didn’t want to extend, he has mentioned that his show prep consists of going into a room by himself and turning the lights out and sitting in the dark. He’s married, but references to “Mrs S” are few and far between. Mrs Weiner is the CFO of Rockstar energy drinks – his son runs the company. Michael Weiner created the formula for rock star. He used to lash out at hus son for being ungrateful.

      He lashes out on the show about a communist book store in the North Beach area of San Francisco where he used to hang out with his lefist friends after he returned to America from his quest to become the next Charles Darwin and protect the native plants of the south pacific from exploitation by evil pharmaceutical companies. One report I read said that his anger at his former friends who run the book store was over a woman. I have nothing substantive to back that up, but the depth of his hate suggests it probably is right.

      If you’re reading that and thinking – wow, Muchael Weiner sounds nothing like Conservative Michael Savage, you’re right. It’s an act. He tells the audience that on a regular basis – that he dumbs down Michael Savage because his audience is not well enough educated or just too stupid to understand the intelligent thoughts of Michael Weiner

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