Newt Gingrich is a Marxist!

That’s the latest claim from he Voice of The TruthGlenn Beck.

This is added to the recent list that Newt probably consumes kiddie porn, likened his consulting for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to being a crack dealer,  and  Newt being a  supporter of genocide… and a scumbag.  That’s just from the few minutes a day I’ve been listening.   Beck then complains that Newt has no interested in talking with Beck for his shows – like Michael Savage constantly attacking almost every other “Conservative” host on radio and TV and then wondering why they don’t invite him over for a cup of herbal tea.

This morning as I was falling asleep, this is roughly what I heard…

Newt talking to Univision, the Spanish Language radio and TV network:  “Mitt Romney has forgotten what it is like to work – he just collects his check for $20 million a year for doing nothing”

Beck:  That’s absurd.   Romney getting a check for $20 million is no different than a retiree getting a social security or retirement check.  He [Newt Gingrich] is a Marxist.

That statement was appropriate up until the final exaggeration.

There is no doubt that Newt is a progressive Republican.   He is a history professor.    He has known all of his life the things  that Glenn Beck is just learing over the past 5 years – because he not only went to college, but taught history.  

Newt used to speak exenstively on CSPAN and other venues on subjects like Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America     de Tocqueville was a French scholar who spent most of 1832 touring America (during the time  Andrew Jackson was President)  studying the people and culture of the United States and how the ideas of egalitarianism and representative government were taking root in America and how it was transforming society and predicting that the fight over slavery was going to tear the county apart.   

Knowing Newt’s positive opinions about de Tocqueville makes it  a bit ironic when Newt throws out that Romney speaks French – but he’ll get away with it for now because the Fox TV reporters didn’t watch CSPAN growing up a children in the 1990s and didn’t study American history and political philosophy. 

Newt believes that the reforms of the Progressive movement both within the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States are an important part of why the United States became the world’s only super power, while at the same time retaining control of the “means of production” in private hands.  

A Marxist is one who is an advocate for the ideas of Karl Marx – ie Communism.   Something like 2/3 of Americans like the idea of “Taxing the Rich” to fund government

I’m not one of them – but Newt is far from being out of the mainstream, and calling him a Marxist is preposterous.  If you look at this video of Newt from 2006


you’ll see that Newt’s view on religion and American history are not much different than Beck’s.

I heard an advertisement on the radio  in the past day (not during the Glenn Beck show)  that GBTV is offering two week free subscriptions – indicating both that GBTV feels a need to spend money to build its audience and giving away free samples.   Maybe word of mouth alone isn’t selling the product and the pressure is starting to get to Beck.

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12 Responses to Newt Gingrich is a Marxist!

  1. JayMar says:

    Yes, Beck is “giving” 2 weeks of free GBTV, however (and a BIG however) only after you subscribe and give them your credit card number, then you can cancel at the end of the two weeks. You, know, in our time “free” meant no strings attached. After your free time then you had to option to purchase or decline. Not today. There’s another goofball selling some multi-vitamins offering 30 days free. What they fail to tell you is, you buy 5 months and your sixth is free. They can keep it! I used to like Glenn Beck before he became The Reverend, now even his voice is annoying.

  2. powerclam says:

    I’m finding Glenn Beck progressively harder to take.

  3. jgoodplayer says:

    You have a problem with Glenn Beck because you think he has gone all “God” on you. Well, I am able to deal with that better than you, and I can tell you that Glenn Beck has been spot on concerning the mideast, Israel, George Soros, and the musloid spring… err… Arab Spring. Glenn gets it…

    As far as Newt Gingrich — he is as full of crap as a Christmas goose. He LIES… He is a meglomaniacal sociopath. His ego and narcissisism are only exceeded in Washington D. C. by Little Barry the Usurper (you know, the classy guy who shuts down half of Phoenix yesterday so he could chew out the Governor’s butt on the tarmac). They make a good pair. What is the Intrade line on the biggest sociopath in the contest between Barry and Newt?

    Take a nap, Art…. the world is about to collapse and you are worried because Beck believes in God? Give me a break………

  4. MrC_5150 says:

    The free two weeks has been the offer since GBTV’s opening. I’m a subscriber. I’m enjoying it. Glenn’s ‘all in’. Can’t knock that. Give it a whirl. You might just enjoy it.

  5. Parrott says:

    I agree with JaMar.
    yeah Glenn has left his Bread & Butter topics. Like prepare for economic collapse and having Brad Thor on the radio and attacking Soros. His three hours is just a informercial to buy GBTV anymore.
    I noticed the other day that Laura Ingraham_ham_ham is higher in the ratings than beck on SRG. I find myself switching to Laura more often.
    The Pat Grey imitation of Ron Paul is annoying. I liked it when he did Yoda but he is running some of their stuff in the ground.
    Even Dennis Prager was annoying attacking Newt. I don’t know what we are gonna do.

  6. jpaulwede says:

    We are the 33%!!!!!

  7. JayinKitsap says:

    Newt has wonderful ideas, but he is a loose cannon. I do not think he is stable enough to be Prez. I’m conceding for Romney but not enthused. Anyone would be better than Obama.

    I find I go John Galt in the morning, so I can listen to something other than Beck. The choices in the 6 to 9 AM in Seattle are not great.

  8. Parrott says:

    well, Goldman Sachs, Cantor FitzGerald, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Bilderburg, won Florida last night.

    • Art Stone says:

      With the exception of the Bilerburgers, that’s pretty much the list of the Federal Reserve’s primary dealers. One big happy family.

      • Parrott says:

        Art has been quiet again for a day or two. Is he preparing for the oncoming war with Iran? Is he stocking up on water, Beans, Potassium Iodide?
        Testing his Ham radio ? Maybe he is buying a Generator and 400 gallons of Propane to run it ?
        Maybe he in NYC for ticker-tape parade for football Giants?
        hope everything is ok.

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