Fox News / 2012 Election

The Top of the Hour radio news just proved again to me that if you’re looking for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to lead a Tea Party Revolution, your aspirations are in the wrong place.

The first item on the broadcast was about Social Security going broke.  Tim Geithner testified today (apparently) that in one year, the date that Social Security checks will bounce moved forward by 3 years.   Note this is not when the fund is insolvent (meaning actuarially it won’t be able to pay its promises) – it’s the date there won’t even be any IOUs left in the Social Security Lock Box.

So what happened in the last year that caused such an “unexpected” change in the solvency?   Fox mentioned a few (probably right from the White House press release) – that people are living longer, that the give me an unemployment check for 99 weeks while I sit at home and smoke dope  people don’t pay into Social Security, and those people who are working are working less.   All true.

But the important thing is that within recent menory (but beyond the attention span of a knat), President Obama demanded (and got) the Republicans to extend the “temporary” reduction in the Social Security tax rate (FICA), hitting them over the head with the idea if it wasn’t extended, then Republicans were raising taxes on the middle class  [what goes around, comes around].   With much less money going into the “Trust Fund” for 2012, you cause the “we’re broke” date to move forward by three years.    Not a peep from Fox pointing that out – that would not be “fair and balanced”, but political.

 Now that the Washington Times and Fox News have selected Mitt Romney for the Republicans, the stage is set for the final victory of the Globalists.

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