Bruce Williams: Only Made in America

PR NewsWire Story

So Bruce Williams has returned to broadcasting, but not on radio – as I reported earlier.   He’s doing an hour a day internet only show formatted as a podcast.

So today, someone paid PR NewsWire to create “buzz” about the show, as Bruce Williams will now be head of the Made In America Broadcasting Network™.    Despite the repeated use of the ™ in the press release, a search of the TESS system at the US Patent and Trademark Office shows no registered trademark has been issued or applied for and no trademarks issued to Bruce Williams.   It’s not required to apply for a Registered Trademark, but it is if you want your trademark to be taken seriously – you also have to prove that you are already using the Trademark in commerce, which he isn’t yet doing on his own web site or the company distributing the show.

The “hook” is that Bruce will REFUSE to take your ads unless you can prove your products are at least 90% made in America by Americans (like the products sold by Jersey Boy Pork Roll).   If you don’t believe Bruce, just try to buy advertising for your foreign product like your Toyota vehicles from Tennessee or your BMWs from South Carolina, your Chrysler cars from Canada, your GM cars from Brazil or your Ford cars from Mexico and see what happens!

Bruce thinks he is the first radio guy to pitch “Made In America”.   Perhaps he doesn’t know or remember Chuck Harder.


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