The return of Mark Davis

Salem Radio’s frames the arrival of Mark Davis  (perhaps more accurately than they intended) that they “just sat back and waited for their competition to screw up”.

You probably have heard Mark Davis a number of times filling in for Rush Limbaugh – he was working for KLIF-AM, the Dallas / Fort Worth station that at one time was owned by ABC Radio, and is now owned by Cumulus Media.   The new owner Lew Dickey didn’t think Mark Davis was worth what Mark Davis thinks he is worth – so Mark’s contract was not extended and he became a free agent.

His guest this hour is Ted Dewhurst, the “establishment” candidate for US Senate in Texas – who started by blaming his failure to get 50% in the Republican primary (forcing a runoff) based on the 30% of Republicans who “threw their vote away” voting for Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.

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