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Jerry Del Colliano publishes this newsletter – it used to be free, now it’s $10 a month or $99 a year. I used to read it every day. I’ve never worked in Radio and have no interest in working in radio. As I began to learn more about who owns radio stations, their finances and what they’re up to, his insights seemed more accurate than most of the “industry” stuff I was reading. He is telling radio people the things they don’t want to hear.

Jerry published an industry trade publication called Inside Radio until he and Clear Channel got into a legal battle in 2001 – which was settled with Clear Channel buying his publication and he went into teaching instead. So some of what he writes is clearly “sour grapes”, although more of it is directed at Cumulus for some reason, but he is no fan of Bob Pittman, either.

Here are his current topics to give you a sense of what he writes about if you have $100 to spend 🙂

  • Creating Great Content For Apple’s New Podcasting App
  • The Coming Advertiser Revolt Against Radio
  • Apple Raises Employee Pay and Gets Richer
  • After CBS Sells, 4 MORE Blockbusters
  • The CBS/Cumulus Deal
  • Why Format Flips Aren’t Working
  • The Real Game Changer in Cars

These are topics that make the old timers who think they are still in the 1960s very uneasy – and it should.

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