Triton Digital snares Salem Radio streaming

Triton Media is the folks owned by Oaktree Capital – the Private Equity folks with their hands in a lot radio.   Triton Digital is the part that runs StreamTheWorld and Ando Media – providing a complete end-to-end solution for radio.   Ando’s technology measures the audience and tracks listeneres, StreamTheWorld’s streaming technology makes the streams work and Triton sells the advertisements and inserts them into the streams.   StreamTheWorld has long been the most reliable and consistent streaming company.   Triton Media also owns Dial Global, one of the larger talk and music syndicators for radio and owns Townsquare Media – the folks who have quietly been building an empire of small market radio stations from companies that have gone bankrupt or otherwise become nonviable as an ongoing operation.

Salem currently uses LiquidCompass – they are by far the biggest customer of Liquid Compass.   Previously, Salem had used StreamAudio, one of the pioneers in streaming that has been ravaged by the success of Triton Media.

| parentname                |  count |
| Small Owners              |    238 |
| Salem                     |     88 |
| Saga                      |     49 |
| Bonneville                |      7 |
| Border Media              |      7 |
| Mortenson Broadcasting    |      6 |
| Triad Broadcasting        |      6 |
| Simmons                   |      5 |
| Commonwealth Broadcasting |      4 |
| Lotus                     |      2 |
| NRG                       |      1 |
| Bristol Broadcasting      |      1 |
| Private College           |      1 |
| Eagle Communications      |      1 |
| Grace Broadcasting        |      1 |

Most of the rest of the list are companies I recognize as troubled companies – ones that had the owner die or have been through some form of financial “restructuring”. Triton Media is close to having a monopoly now on streaming. Even those not using the Triton player are still probably using StreamTheWorld behind the scenes to do the streaming. Triton claims it is providing at least some services to 24 of the top 25 radio groups, which is just about everyone in radio. Cream will rise to the top unless the government demands homogenization.

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3 Responses to Triton Digital snares Salem Radio streaming

  1. Parrott says:

    Bummer, I kinda like Liquid Compass. They load fast. Well as long as its not that crazy ‘i heart radio’ crap. they want t o re-size your screen, hide stuff on your computer and log a ton of stuff.
    never like ‘i heart radio’
    There are a few stations out ther that have a ‘stream the world’ that loads fast, so maybe this won’t be too awful bad.
    How’s the Cu-mo-loids doing (cumulus) with that ‘i heart radio thing’ ? i havn’t visited any since they said they were going to that.

    obo is coming to VA.-> more crap

    • Art Stone says:

      Cumulus has 4 main pieces – the major market ABC radio stations, the large market stations that were owned by Susquehanna broadcasting(Cumulus Media Partners), the small market older portion of Citadel and the small market old portion of Cumulus.

      The Citadel/ABC portions were already using the Triton Digital platform and are active on iHeartRadio. The original Cumulus stations are the ones that recently converted the web sites to use a forced ad player with a mandatory temporary key that forces the player to launch only from the station website. My assumption is they’ll show up in iHeartRadio soon

  2. Art Stone says:

    Salem has made the switch. A few stations aren’t working yet, but the bulk are now just the standard StreamTheWorld raw m3u stream that works on pretty much anything, with no streaming video ads.

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