And the Winner is….

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the individual who has the legal responsibility to pass a budget in the House and send it to the Senate for approval, which he has done like clockwork – only to have Harry S. Reid ignore it and browbeat John Boehner into letting the government run with no budget.

It’s a reasonable choice, although he will be beat up for the bold cuts he proposed that will never see the light of day as long as the Democrats control the Senate and the President.    I’m looking for some substance and a fire breathing dragon to roast the Senate for its blatant dereliction of duty the last 3 years.   This is not a time to “play nice”.   Too much is at risk.

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  1. Wil Schuemann says:

    I strongly agree.

    Here’s hoping: (1) the country votes to rein in the spending, regardless of the pain; and (2) the House rejects Boehner as House majority leader.

    Liberals are largely “the incapable”, who have succeeded at acquiring government dollars to give them a much higher standard of living than they deserve. When someone in government starts saying “NO!” to their funding requests, the Liberals will savage each other to make sure “their” funding is untouched. That would be the end of Liberalism. I hope Romney is capable of saying “NO!”.

  2. magnusphi says:

    Paul Ryan has the ability to remain the “nice guy” while laying the wood to the fiscal Neros. Romney needed someone to play Palin to his McCain. A major difference is Ryan’s intellectual chops are, well, existent. It will be a little more difficult for a piece of intellectual marzipan a la Katie Couric to play gotcha interview questions with Ryan. Oh, and the debate with Biden should be a TiVo moment for the ages.

    Bottom line: Romney had to pick someone with a high enough profile (sorry Senator Portman) who hadn’t been trounced in the presidential primary (sorry T-Paw). Assuming the fix isn’t in, that America won’t play to class warfare and white guilt part deux, and that even some of the entitlement recipients have had enough of Barry and Joey, a Romney presidency will be reminiscent of Bush Cheney. Squishy boss, ballsy veep.

    We’re still screwed anyway, though…

  3. Parrott says:

    Yeah I hope ‘Crying Game’ Boehner’s time is over. He didn’t do much and could have defunded OBO-care. He didn’t.
    Get rid of McConnell too(rino) .
    ,,,,,and then there is racist Bitey-Biden, telling a mainly black crowd in Danville Virginia, that Romney wants to ‘put chains on them’. Where does he come up with this stuff ? Is he plagiarizing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ? Geesh
    I would never support this type of lunacy. Stay Safe Art .

  4. magnusphi says:

    Boehner and McConnell are cut from the same moderate bolt…just like our next president. There seems to be a resurgence of the moderate wing of the conservative movement. As much as the Reagan-Goldwater Axis is touted as ideal today, there is a strong embracing of the Bush/Neocon/RINO Alliance to the point that they collectively control the Republican Party. A powerful group, they were able to stifle the Santorum victory in Iowa until Mittens had New Hampshire sewn up (he was favored there anyway). I figure it works like this: keep saturating the ruling members of the legislature and the presidency with these moderates and, over the years, there will be a lack of people calling for a return to conservative ideals. Who will remember Reagan, let alone Goldwater?

    Art has posted frequently about the inchoate Tea Party message as it currently exists. Directionless, non-specific, and full of grand ideas but no road map to get there. There’s no way Mittens can contort himself into a Tea Party darling, hence the choice of Paul Ryan. Placate the “fringe” conservative base (Boehner calls us ‘knuckledraggers’) and get into office. And then what? Gridlock if the democrats retain the Senate. Otherwise Boehner and McConnell. Enjoy, gang.

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