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Share the Wealth

Here is the complete text of Huey Long’s speech to the nation in the 1934 broadcast nationwide on the NBC radio network. As you read it, see how much it shares with the speeches of Donald Trump and Bernie … Continue reading

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And the Winner is….

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the individual who has the legal responsibility to pass a budget in the House and send it to the Senate for approval, which he has done like clockwork – only to have Harry S. … Continue reading

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Romney to NAACP: Go F* yourselves

That’s the message WOL-AM in Washington DC heard Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton and Sister Souljah–20120312 In other Communisty news, Jesse Jackson Jr, a current member of the US House from Chicago has vanished without explanation.  Dad … Continue reading

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The “Mormons hate black people” thing

No Republican is going to bring this up in the pimrary.    No Democrat is going to mention it until after Mitt Romney has locked up the nomination and it is too late for Republicans to change their candidate. It’s an … Continue reading

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Andrew Jackson, Newt and Ron Paul

Newt would devastate Barack Obama if they are ever in a forum where knowledge of history is a factor.   Barack Obama missed learning all that American History we learned as children – to the extent he learned things in Hawaii, … Continue reading

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The Muslim Santa Clause Bet you didn’t hear that on the news. Aziz Yazdanpanah killed his family, dressed as Santa Claus.  A small amount of additional research quickly identifies him as an Iranian immigrant.  He apparently complained recently about people complaining about his … Continue reading

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