Biden didn’t know he was in Florida?

This is why I dislike and don’t trust the “right wing echo machine”. The story bouncing around Drudge, Hot Air, TheBlaze, etc… is Joe Biden getting confused again about what state he is in – referring to the Cleveland Plain dealer as one of the biggest newspapers in this [sic] state.

Glenn Beck gets rightly outraged with Democrats take a small snippet of video out of context and/or misquote the video.

It just happened when I flipped over to C-SPAN they were playing that very campaign speech in Ocala, Florida. Biden mentions that he is in Ocala.

But here is the context:

“They’re running those very ads in Toledo. They’re running those ads in Lorraine, Wisconsin. They’re running those ads in those very places where these people just got back on their feet, trying to scare the living bedevil out of them. The ad was so outrageous that Politifact – I know they don’t think fact checkers matter – called it “wholly inaccurate”. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of the main newspapers in THE state said “It is a masterpiece in misdirection”.

I’ve asked The Blaze for a retraction. We’ll see how that goes 🙂

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4 Responses to Biden didn’t know he was in Florida?

  1. tamaraila says:

    Art please keep us posted with any response you get from the Blaze.

  2. briand75 says:

    I will get concerned about the right wing echo machine when they are caught in the same acts and misdirection that allows an uncaring murderer to go unscathed in the press. Until then, no moral equivalency makes any sense – it never does.

  3. Nidster says:

    I don’t trust the “right or left wing echo machines”, or for that matter the political media at large and that includes the mainstream media. In my view there is no need to even pay attention to Joe Biden, he is just an old man whose best days occurred long, long ago.

  4. 3tooz says:

    I dont know anything about that, but I do know Joe Biden dont know if he’s afoot or horseback sometimes., Joe knows a big Effen’ deal when he hear’s one though,

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