Michael Baisden says “Why is my door locked”?

Baisden was syndicated by our friends at Cumulus Media. He is another of the talents inherited from Citadel who inherited him from ABC Radio.

Reportedly his long term contract was for $6 million a year – there is no way Lewis Dickey is paying that kind of money in 2013. The contract was up at month end. Michael has an unexpected week off, not at all unusual in radio, unless you are extremely trusted by the owners to not act up during the final week.

He’s in the database, but I’m barely aware of him


Roughly speaking, he is the afternoon version of Tom Joyner. He’s a black man on black radio stations talking only to black people about black topics. He’s a microphone for the Democratic Party, providing a regular forum for Barack Obama. We live in two Americas – if there was ever any doubt.

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  1. Randy Porter says:

    The Liberals apparently no longer need a radio mouthpiece for Barack Obama. The election is over, and they no longer have to justify or explain anything he does. They’re now gearing up for the next President, Hillary Clinton. I think they’ll take that campaign mostly to TV, since newstalk radio seems to be dead in the water.

  2. Nidster says:

    Rush is still doing OK, may have taken a dip in the audience #’s after the election and into the holiday season. He is doing things differently and has matured, again. He no longer claims to be the smartest guy around, or to know everything, which is something women love to hear a man say. The numbers will trend upward as the other talkers fade away.

    He must be instructing Snerdly to stack up more women callers who agree with him. He took two call from women in the last hour on Friday. One was a 17 year old, the other was 40 something. These women were smart. They also gushed on and on about how much they loved Rush. Both said they agreed with him, but that he also needed a little help understanding another side to certain issues.

    I would also like to hear Rush talk more specifically about JFK, his policies in 1963, and continually make the comparison that current Democrats would be bashing JFK if he were to run for political office in the current political climate. He certainly has a number of different tactics and strategies in play such as his mission to reach the low-information voters. That will be a permanent part of the show. Time will tell if he can grow his audience.

    • Nidster says:

      And, I left out the most important tactic he now employs, which was to agree with the 2 women callers and that he did consider their opinion to be right. Obviously Catherine is coaching Rush on how to endear himself to women.

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